Saturday, February 07, 2009

When anonymity loses its appeal.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to the blogsphere, I'm a big believer in anonymity. I like my relative anonymity, and I go to great lengths to respect other folks' desire for the same. But there comes a point where, if someone insists on being a constant harassment, then I think it's perfectly acceptable to track them down and treat them to the public ridicule and scorn they so richly deserve.

Consider one "PaleoAnarchist", a rabidly anti-Semitic commenter who will not take a hint and piss off, even after being asked to several times. I don't know what drives people like Paleo -- being told on numerous occasions that no one is interested in their opinion, yet still persisting in leaving obnoxious and offensive comments.

If Paleo wants to spew that kind of rubbish on his (her?) own blog, that's fine and I wouldn't give a rat's ass about it. But when someone keeps messing up a perfectly nice blog with this screeching demand for attention and blatant blog-whoring, then I start to get a bit yanked off after a while, so here's what we're gonna do.

I'm kind of busy these days, so if anyone wants to play Inspector Gadget and track down the commenter known as "PaleoAnarchist," have at it. But don't leave anything you learn in the comments. Rather, email all of that to me privately. If Paleo finally wises up and buggers off, none of that goes public and everyone is happy.

On the other hand, if Paleo continues to be an asshole, then we take that info and do everything possible to ruin his or her life. I'm thinking that, depending on what Paleo does for a living, being exposed as a rancid anti-Semite might not play well, if you catch my drift.

In any event, that's the deal. If Paleo just fucks off, then we're good and no one gets hurt. But if Paleo doesn't have the sense God gave a bag of cat litter, then he/she has absolutely no one to blame for the potential bad craziness that might ensue.

Is that fair? I think it's fair.


Frank Frink said...

PaleoAnarchist = anarchore

ISP traces to the small (I do mean small) town of Yahk, BC. (no I did not make up that town name)

And that's about as much as I really want to know.

Cherniak_WTF said...

Yahk, BC has a population of 400....

Dr.Dawg said...

I think I hear the sound of banjos...

Frank Frink said...

Yes, Dawg, banjos playing 'The Future Belongs To Me". You can always e-mail if you want a little more info.

Dr.Dawg said...

Nope, it's all right here.

mikmik said...

No, it's not right.

...there comes a point where, if someone insists...
then he/she has absolutely no one to blame for the potential bad craziness that might ensue.

C'mon!! I can't believe I'm reading this.

Michelle, Bob, is that you? What did you do with CC?

psa said...

paleo/anarchore has to wake up every single day and greet an ugly soul, a retrograde loser and terminal douche sac in the mirror. and while i have zero sympathy for the crawlingest of life forms, bigots and the like. i don't think stooping to the tactics of a malkin or brock is the route to take. we could always move to haloscan and have the ability to outright ban people that poop on the lawn but i'm not into going after folks in a web vigilante style. it smacks of richard evans and that ain't company i choose to keep and it ain't a model we should be emulating. $0.02

CC said...


For the most part, I agree. I have no overwhelming urge to run around, outing assholes. Everyone has the right to be an asshole, and they have the right to anonymity while they're being one. Maybe we do need to move to haloscan, just for the ability to ban obnoxious yobs like PA.

It just baffles me that those on the Right can yammer on and on about the incivility of those on the Left, even as they make constant nuisances of themselves after they've been told directly and explicitly that they're not welcome and would they please go away?

I truly have better things to do than waste my time on losers like PA, but if I announce up front what will happen if he continues his behaviour, and he continues his behaviour, it's not like it wasn't his choice.

mikmik said...

it's not like it wasn't his choice.

His choice is be a fucking irritating retard.

It is your choice to get 'physical'

It is your choice, as PSA says, to get a place where you have more control to moderate and cull idiots (choice of words intended) but google, a free blog, that goes with the territory.

He will tire, or will draw comments/business?

No fucking way you go outside bounds of anonymity, or you will look very bad.

Go to your account and user the comments tag (under settings - you must know all this, sorry) do what you can. You know this. I see there isn't much that can be done.

I love that your comments are immediate.

What the fuck is it that gets to you? Personally, I get a very tall vodka on ice, relax in the recliner, and dial one of my hitmen while listening to the soothing sounds of "Hacked to Pieces" by 'Six Feet Under'

it's not like it wasn't his choice - that sounds like a dare and 3 year old whiners like him will always take a dare.

On the other hand, I am not bound by ethics, remorse, or sense of appearance. Haven't been to Yahk for a few years wink.

e-mail to follow....

mikmik said...

That was easy:

Don't forget the vodka!

KEvron said...

glad psa went there first.

if the podunk nitwit were doing something illegal, i'd be all for outting him. considering his ware, he's bound to cross the line eventually.


mikmik said...

mikmik said, "Michelle, Bob, is that you?"

PSA said, "tactics of a malkin or brock"

WTF do you think I meant by michelle? One guess for orielly and 'the house tour'

I score once a year, please.

Vodka? 2x per week.