Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh dear ...

Someone’s rich and colourful fantasy life appears to have rudely intruded into reality – don’t you just hate when that happens?

I may never stop laughing.


KEvron said...

i can't believe you guys are still going at on that thread. twats is loving it, you know.


Frank Frink said...

KEvron, I think he's very close to having an explosion in his 100% cotton footed Wayne Gretzky sleepers.

jj said...

That thread is bizarre.

There are about 28 different commenters on that thread, over 200 comments, and about 40 of them are from PR.


Frank Frink said...

JJ, you know it gets awfully lonely over at his place. He's reaching out ;-)

Twatsypalooza? Maybe. If it was indeed that he could at least be relegated to a secondary or tertiary stage.

It's more like Cirque du coupe Longueuil.

jj said...

Did you guys see what SUZANNE just said there?

Oh, she's whacked.

Frank Frink said...

Yes, JJ, just when you thought the discussion couldn't go any lower... and my reaction was WTF??

CC said...

SUZANNE wrote:

"The fetus fetishist is the 21st century’s nigger lover.

Quite so. In the same way that the pro-choicer is the 21st century's anti-lock braking system.

What? That makes at least as much sense.