Sunday, February 01, 2009

How's that hero worship going, Kate?

Once upon a time, there were some incredibly wet panties in Delisle:

So, Kate ... how's Jeff over at PW doing these days? Oh, dear.

Apparently, poor Jeff is going to be cruising the listings over at If I were Jeff, I'd avoid any job descriptions that require "being a team player" and "working well with others." I'm just sayin'.

OKEY DOKEY, THEN. "Southern Quebec" recommends James Wolcott. Who are we to disagree?


Southern Quebec said...

Read the James Wolcott article at VanityFair. It's hysterical. Poor Wingnut Welfare crowd. Must be Clinton's fault!

JABbering Stooge said... more cockslapping threats? Pity. Those were comedy gold!

Oh, and SQ, Obama is the new Clinton, don'cha know?

Frank Frink said...

But Joe-not-a-plumber-and-not-a-reporter-either still gets to not-report from not-a-war-zone?

Ti-Guy said...

Good to have an examination of Pajamas Media at this juncture, but honestly, who didn't see that coming? The whole scheme relied on tapping into intellectual property as valuable as the property found in a garbage dump.

That Americans get excited over such innovations in commerce is precisely the reason why the country is insolvent.

thwap said...

This small turning off of the wingnut-welfare spigot wouldn't have anything to do with the Democrats winning the presidency, the house and the senate would it?