Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing up my sleeve ... Presto! Deficit!

It seems like so long ago:

The Prime Minister looked suitably embarrassed when he rose to answer the Liberal charges during Question Period, and not just because he dismissed the need to go into deficit as “stupid and dangerous” little more than a month ago.

And now:

Conservatives to table $40 billion deficit: CTV

Updated Fri. Jan. 9 2009 11:01 PM ET News Staff

The Conservatives are planning on tabling a federal budget with a $40 billion deficit, CTV News has learned.

The deficit would be the highest since the 1993 budget and $10 billion more than Prime Minister Stephen Harper indicated in a late 2008 interview with CTV.

In all fairness, though, Stephen Harper couldn't possibly have seen this coming. After all, he's only an "economist."


sooey said...

Has anybody actually seen a copy of his university transcript?

Frank Frink said...

What I would prefer to find, sooey, is a copy of his masters thesis whihc, if I'm not mistaken, had something to do with "criticizing pre-election government spending and how it affected the free market."

We took a stab at it back in January of '07 to no avail.

Anyone have any "Calgary School" connections?

Holly Stick said...

The title was "The political business cycle and fiscal policy in Canada."
Thesis (M.A.) -- University of Calgary, 1991. xi, 162 leaves.

At least if you can believe the parliamentary website which lists selected publications here:

The U of C should have copies, and the National Library in Ottawa should have it; other libraries could have it on microfilm or on paper.

Luna said...

Interesting. I can't find it on UMI Dissertation Express. They do have MA theses, because I checked, and mine is there.