Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to New York."

"If you look to your left, you can see the Hudson River. If you look to your right, you can see the Hudson River as well."

"Actually, folks, if you look down between your feet, that's the Hudson River, too."

(Impact occurs just after 2:00 in.)


Red Canuck said...


w/v unizero

KEvron said...



sooey said...

I thought it was funny when the one guy said it looked like they were suddenly headed for Joisey.

Sheena said...

Gee, thanks for posting that one.
I'm flying into LaGuardia tomorrow. On Air Canada Jazz. Yes, the same Air Canada Jazz who pulled all flotation vests off of their planes last August in the interest of cost savings.

I'll put my bikini on under my snow boots just in case.

Zorpheous said...

It was obviously a terrorist attack, the war on the axis of the fowl must unleashed.

Frank Frink said...

And since they were Canada geese they obviously slipped in over the border.

psa said...

"I'll put my bikini on under my snow boots just in case."

interesting idea but i think socks would be more comfortable.