Thursday, January 15, 2009

20 Bucks, Same As In Town

Shorter Lawrence Martin: I swallow.

In style, Mr. Obama is GQ, Mr. Harper Rotary Club. Mr. Obama is a fine wine, Mr. Harper lime juice.

Gosh Larry, it must be difficult to type with your knees behind your ears. I hope Mr Obama lives up to a fraction of the praise lavished upon him in the Globular Mail by Martin. I suspect Lawrence Martin's school books are covered in doodles of Barry and lots of hearts. Sheesh.


KEvron said...



psa said...

yeah. i'll be damn glad to see the last of g-dub... unless there's a special command performance in the hague. but really, martin's tongue washing is hilarious. worthy of hindraker's fluffing of the chimp.

Ti-Guy said...

Forget the doddering old fools like Lawrence Martin...they'll be dead in few years anyway. We need to attack the young ones...Paul Wells, Jonathan Kay, Daffy Dumdaifallah, David Frum, etc.