Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Funnies.

Goldie explains how one joins the Blogging Tories.


thwap said...

I remember liking Goldie Hawn as a kid, because she was pretty and she seemed nice. (I was rilly small.)

But now I see why a lot of feminists couldn't stand her shtick.

But I also disagree with the choosing of that clip: She says that dumb people are good, because smart people cause all the wars and environmental problems, but the BT's have their heads up their asses about global warming and they backed all the latest wars to the hilt. And they sure ain't smart.

They're the most clueless fuckers in the country. It's their stupidity that makes them make the choices they do.

Goldie's club for sweet, stupid people wouldn't have those ugly shits.

sooey said...

A "friend" of hers said in an entertainment piece that Goldie Hawn has no idea what a Libertarian idiot Kurt Russell is because she doesn't listen to a word he says but it's like torture for anybody stuck beside him at a dinner party.