Monday, December 08, 2008

Democracy? We don't need no steenkin' democracy.

Oh, this could get interesting:

Constitutional crisis if Harper defies governor-general

OTTAWA -- The Harper Conservatives could be within their rights to defy the governor-general if she asked the Liberal-NDP coalition to form a government in the new year, a constitutional lawyer warns.

Gerry Chipeur, the Alberta lawyer who crafted a proposal for the Canadian Alliance and Bloc Quebecois to work together in Parliament in 2000, said Gov.-Gen. Michaelle Jean would break constitutional convention were she to allow the coalition, supported by the Bloc Quebecois, to take power if they defeat the government's budget.

Stay tuned as the very folks who just finished praising G-G Jean for her thoughtful, cautious, constitutional decision regarding prorogation now tell that black bitch voodoo princess to piss off and who the fuck does she think she is, anyway?

I'm guessing things would get ugly. But that's just a guess.


roblaw said...

Interesting thoughts Gary..

..oh, yeah, those of us in the CONSERVATIVE party are still waiting for an answer from you and Stock Day about just how the fuck you felt that an alliance with the Bloq was a good idea..

**crickets chirping**

In the absense of opening your mouth to give answers to the first question, you can just, maybe, keep your big mouth shut on any other point..

Blair said...

Where's Dion?

Noni Mausa said...

From the article:

Chipeur's argument foreshadows a possibly drastic response from the Conservatives should they be turfed from power.

Wanna bet it would be another lawsuit, a la Elections Canada?

There's a certain kind of person for whom small claims court or a lawsuit is their first, rather than last resort. Their called "manipulative jerks".


Frank Frink said...

Dion? He's out. Just submitted his resignation as Liberal Party leader.

hmmmmm... wv ="ablessed"

Ti-Guy said...

Where's Dion?

Everyone who's named "Blair" is always an asshole. Kind of like "Tasha."

That's just science, people.

Frank Frink said...

"Blair" - that goes for given name or surname.

Forgot he was the "Secrets of Vancouver" guy.

Ti-Guy said...

You can never tell if a Conservative blogger is 16 or 65. They're all so juvenile.

Terry said...

Seems like Jean must have told Harper she might not automatically grant an election come January.

Could get very ugly indeed, as he seems determined to fan the flames of either Western or Quebec separation, and ideally both.

Mark Francis said...

Harper would remove her, and replace her with another GG to render Harper's decision. Tom Flanagan, perhaps?

Chet Scoville said...

Tom Flanagan, perhaps?



Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

Anarchore said...

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