Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Your Blogging Tory moment of lucidity ... OK, moment's over.

In order to keep his Pajamas Media membership in good standing, Blogging Tory Damian Penny is forced to write something sane every so often. And that's when the flying monkeys descend from the skies ...

(Wag of the tail to Montreal Simon.)

, I was all about the brevity.


jj said...

Toxic levels of Teh Stoopid over there. From the first commenter:

"How is the human race suppose to reproduce if people of the same race are mating?"

Never mind that he probably meant to say "sex" not "race" (probably), but how does he reach the conclusion that same-sex marriage affects the fertility of straight couples?

Sick & sad.

chris said...

JJ-The first commenter appears to believe in some sort of queer domino theory. I've taken the liberty of clarifying that position,
"...if the trend continues everybody will be gay and there will be no more babies. Won't someone think of the children!!!
Just a brainfart."
I sometimes think that a good salesman might find a ready and willing market for prophylactic butt plugs among the wackaloons.
"Protect your ASSets from teh homos with this simple, easy to use device."

wv: gator

The Seer said...

Remember how, when Mitt Romney ran for president in the Republican primary, American Christians debated whether the Mormon Church was Christian?

No more.

Mormons bought themselves some cred. http://marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/11/2012_players_the_lds_church.php

WV: Orbona

Beijing York said...

JJ, I'm guessing that was a pretty f*cked up Freudian slip. At heart, the first commentator probably hates different races and sex in equal measure :-)

I was entertaining friends last night and we had tons of giggles over the concept of secret magical Mormon underwear. h/t to pale.