Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We have a new contestant, boys and girls ...

Looks like Obama's presidential victory has caused Frank aka "Mr. Potatohead West" to throw a crazyfest rivalling anything we’ve seen from Hunter.

Racism is the belief that race matters more than ideas. Today we saw that play out over the airwaves as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation showed how it really feels. It's Obama's race that matters to them, not his Marxist philosophy.

There is another lump of coal to chew on this morning.

This is that symbolism matters more than actions. Well, we've had the symbolism in spades; now we'll see how we like Obama's ideas; ideas poured into his little head as a boy by a leftwing, anti-American mother who idolized her African lover who left her with her baby to fend for herself. She was full of hate for America, so much so she couldn't bear to live in it, or as Obama's pastor of 20 years put it, 'God damn America.'

I suppose this is probably not the best time to ask how his book sales are going, huh?


CC said...

As opposed to white people who hate America.

Oh, look ... bright, shiny thing.

The Seer said...

Just remember that with only 52% of the popular vote, Obama has nothing like the mandate that Stephen Harper has in Canada.

P. S. I am starting a movement to let American conservatives know about the existence of Canada AND the fact that Canada's New New Government is conservative. I am sure these discouraged Americans will become superheated Canadians once they attain refuge status.

thwap said...

What a pathetic piece of shit.

Ti-Guy said...

This is good day for nut-picking, isn't it? I just wish there were few fresher ones; this stale and rotting noisette is making me nauseous.

If the Right-tards are so terrified of Marxism, why on Earth do they never bother to find out what it means? Guaranteed, when the real thing does show up, the 'tards will embrace it without even realising it.

Mike said...

Jesus, based on his ideas Obama is indistinguishable form Stephen Harper.

Does that mean that Harper is now a Marxist?

These people are complete fucking idiots.


Mike said...

Submitted for Approval (I don't expect to get it):

"Dear Frank,

Sorry but this is so much nonsense I don't even know where to begin.

I know let's start here with the "Obama is a Marxist" stupidity.

Barack Obama is ideologically indistinguishable from Stephen Harper. Olaf lays it out pretty well.

So, is Stephen Harper, who shares so many views and policies with Obama a Marxist too? Shouldn't you be railing against his socialist plans to subsidize banks and the Southern Ontario auto industry?

Try thinking critically instead of being nothing more than a mindless drone of idiotic talking points.

Obama may be a lot of things you don;t like, be he is no Marxist. Saying so is intellectually dishonest and make you look like a raving fool.

Perhaps you are."

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Let's see if mine appears:

"Frank, do you not think that the fact the Americans have elected a black (or half-black, if you like) President is sort of newsworthy?

How about historic? Is it maybe historic?

It is a first, I'll have you know."

Ti-Guy said...

He's far too old and too stupid to be reachable.

Mike said...


No comments yet....

sooey said...

Yah, yah - only WHITE Presidents can be Marxist, I guess. I mean, who bailed out Wall Street?

the rev. paperboy said...

You know, for people who claim to hate marxism and communism so much and think it is so vile, who consider it worse or at least on par with Nazism, it is amazing to me how readily the consevatives will slap the label on anyone who disagrees with them. Don't they understand that every time they call a candidate who wants to raise taxes on the wealthy a few percent a communist, it denigrates all those who died at the hands of real communists like Stalin and Mao in jus the same way that calling the police raid on the Waco compound a holocaust denigrates the memories of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis?
Have they at long last no shame?

sooey said...

Well, shame doesn't win arguments on the Internet, dude.