Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, please, dear God ...

... never let it end. Sarahpalooza forever!

? Media Matters is on the case:

It is important to remember all of that while watching this, the single most hilarious piece of video involving a politician ever filmed anywhere. I don't know what the best part of it is -- the fact that she goes blithely on while turkeys are fed into what appears to be a wood chipper behind her, and a torrent of blood overflows that little trough there, or the fact that the actual turkey slaughterer occasionally turns and smiles at the cameras. If there's any justice in the world, this little bit of Gobbler guignol ought to follow Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods for the rest of her career. The woman is fundamentally a public clown. She was one during the campaign.

She has been one during her extended post-election media blitz. She will be one when she addresses the dead-enders at the CPAC conference in January, where she will be wildly applauded. She will be one no matter what Cokie Roberts, that abject twit, thinks about how popular she is. Sarah Palin has no more business in national politics than does the guy behind her, grinning at the television people while he feeds the birds into a blender and the blood rises over his shoes. He's at least good at his job.

Yes, I am a bad person. But I've accepted that. So should you.


sooey said...

I'm suspicious of people who want her to go away, actually.

The Seer said...

1. I agree with sooey.

2. I myself from time to time have mentioned that you are a bad person.

3. Sarah is a good person for the Gop to have around.

4. The issue with the video isn't whether people have to execute turkeys before they eat them or that city dwellers are too squeamish to watch turkey executions; what makes this so silly is that for Sarah, pardoning turkeys is just one of the things she does to get her face on the tube. It's like Marshal McLuan — Sarah is the message. The other person in the shot is not stepping on her message. There is no Sarah but Sarah (and CC is her prophet).

Ti-Guy said...

I really don't care. If you listen to her babble in the clip, you realise she's an embarrassing idiot and Turkeycaust is going on behind her doesn't change that one iota.

sooey said...

That's what I like about her - that she's an embarrassing idiot who won't shut up and go away the way the Republican Party wishes she would.

Southern Quebec said...

I say keep her around -- for entertainment purposes. The old boys of the GOP were getting monotonous; wide stance Larry Craig, Foley, etc. Sarah brings the "New Stupid". When husband Todd runs off with Miss Snowmobile 2008, then we can retire Sarah. For now, she really is the face of the Republican party. *snicker*

Sheena said...

WV = fasta

That is all.