Monday, November 17, 2008

It's because they lie ...

... all the time. Fuck, I hate these people.


LuLu said...

I am shocked, just shocked to hear this. Wait a minute ... no, I'm not.

Ti-Guy said...

But, but, but...they not lying. They're just repeating information the accuracy of which they haven't verified.

And God help me...someone ship Megyn Kelly to The Hague already. And Bill...and Sean...and Roger and Rupert... Their Faux credulity should be considered crimes against humanity.

mikmik said...

GOV. PAWLENTY: That raises the concern, of course like we said the race over all is 50/50, but even if you are in an overwhelmingly democratic area of the state, you might think the breakdown would be like 60/40 or 70/30 in favor of the Democrat, not 90 or 100% favoring Democratic candidate Al Franken. Those kind of statistical aberrations raise some concerns and that’s why people are scrambling to make sure that we have the process transparent, secure and reliable. The acceptance of this result is going to depend on the fairness of the process, obviously.

Yeah, these things raise concerns, when you are losing, motherfucker. You care no more for fair balloting, than you do for your color of your piss.... wait, touched a nerve, hey, kidney failure?
Can you say, "My corruption isn't working, and I am PISSED OFF about it?

(Hey, cain't use 'blockquote'? I demand a recount!)