Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Careful, kids ... there might be naughty words. Or something.

Thank you, CBC:

Coming in at number five on our top five election bloggers list is "Red Tory", a sharp witted, irreverent Liberal blogger, who has seemingly taken on the task of responding to "Angry" Steve Janke (whom Red Tory refers to sarcastically as the "Blogging Tories' super-sleuth"). This blog is not for the faint of heart.

Yes, children ... best not to go over there, lest you get a case of the vapours. Or something.


BONUS TRACK: Premature eJankulator and the Blogging Tories' "Inspector Gadget" Steve Janke is all "aw, shucks, it weren't nothing that any other groundbreaking genius couldn't do":

It is humbling to play a part in the evolution of a new medium in Canada. And it's really cool to be on TV!

One wonders if any coverage of Janke mentions that little spat of his with David Herle. Or his obsession with dead foreign women. Or that thing he had going about Chinese toothpaste. Or, well, Cindy Sheehan's privates.

Thanks, mainstream media ... whatever would we do without you?

Canadian Cynic: Lawsuit-free since forever.


Southern Quebec said...

Should someone tell the CBC he is also known as the eJankulator over here? To the fainting couch.....

Frank Frink said...

Oddly, Ormiston links to RT on the old Blogger site rather than teh current Wordpress version. Not that I expect 'Teh Media' to actually get much right.

The Seer said...

I say "Huff." John McCain loves her, and embarrasses a Des Moines Register reporter who claims Sarah isn't experienced.

And BTW, I thought RT was dropping out of blogging again. Who can trust someone who says he's not going to post anymore and then gets caught blogging by the national media?

Jennifer Smith said...

Don't forget that stalking thing.

Somena Woman said...

Well, at least they didn't go with "Canada's Most Bestest EVAH! Blogger" (TM) again. I take it they learned their lesson with her hissy fit and law suit threats at the last go-round.