Thursday, September 11, 2008

You're going to love this. No, really.

Behold ... the indescribable dumbfuckitude:

Yeah, that's Canada's Mostest Bestest Blogger Kate McMillan, someone who once got officially bitch-slapped for being grotesquely insulting and offensive ... getting on her high horse and criticizing someone else for getting officially bitch-slapped for being grotesquely insulting and offensive.

It's shrieky, retarded dimbulbs like Kate that make this job worth it.


Red Tory said...

Kate's absolutely correct.

Why not give her credit for being spot on here?

Ti-Guy said...

Why not give here credit for being spot on here?

You don't give that psychotic credit for anything. She'll just turn on you the next day anyway.

It's little late in the game for Kate McMillan to start going on about principle, which is an act, anyway.

sassy said...

Why not give her credit for being spot on here

RT - I wouldn't give her credit either as her post simply reads like someone taking her cues from her great white leader - NOTHING MORE. PM suspends Sparrow, SDA lines up behind PMSH and shakes finger as Sparrow.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Red Tory said...

She'll just turn on you the next day anyway.

Um, like the Bread & Roses crowd... ;)

Frank Frink said...


RT, sincerely and in all honesty.. get over yourself and quit playing this meritless 'victim' card.

Really. Are you going to drag your little red wagon of drama everywhere you possibly can for as long as you can possibly milk it?

Red Tory said...


My bad for saying anything contrary to lib-Fem dogma.

Carry on "sideman"...

Ti-Guy said...

Won't someone please scold me?!! I've been very bad and in need of proper correction.

Frank Frink said...

Ah.. OK. But still playing the hapless 'victim' of 'feminazis'

ps - was 'Sideman' supposed to be some lame victimized attempt at an insult?

psa said...

only if you promise not to like it ti.

LuLu said...

For everyone's big fat information, I have had a fuck of a day so I will not hesitate to start grounding asses if you don't all behave.

There, Ti-Guy ... surely you must feel sufficiently scolded now ;-)

Ti-Guy said...

There, Ti-Guy ... surely you must feel sufficiently scolded now ;-)

The is exquisite.

Frank Frink said...

When did you become my mom? ;-)

And I never listened to her anyway ;-)

Red Tory said...

Frank — Not really intending to be a hapless victim of anything. Sorry for referencing your self-described title of "sideman"... I didn't realize that was off limits.

Good luck with your whole "creative revolution" by the way. How's that working out for you? According to Alexa's traffic rating it's coming right along — 0.000076%. Knock yourself out.

liberal supporter said...

Stop this bickering! You can't fight in here.

Meanwhile Scary "Zhirinovsky" Sarah considers war with Russia.

liberal supporter said...

Oops. Sarah Nukem link here

Frank Frink said...

Red - Sideman isn't off limits. It's truthful. I'm a bass player, in the rhythm section. i.e not the bandleader, a sideman, supporting player.

Ah - ACR. I could give a damn about Alexa ratings, or technorati or even ProgBloggers at that.

Actually it isn't my blog. Belongs to Pale and Prole. I'm a guest there. But, my how small, shallow and petty of you. You really do need to build yourself up by knocking other people.

It's pretty sad, really.

Pale said...

Hey. RT. Whiny ass titty baby? Much?

You didn't get the feminazi treatment. Yet. Heh. All things are possible.......

Alexa is actually blocked from indexing our site. BTW. In the server. :) I found it intrusive and non consequential to my purpose. Alexa is a commercial deal, and has nothing to do with activism or social justice.

I don't consider blogging to be some sort of shallow popularity contest, as you do.
Faux progressives. So.......tired. Ho hum.

That was a short lived flounce.
Next he will attack me for being a feminist or a mommy, or something something.....
I used to read your blog RT. Before the last "retirement".
But there has been little purpose to it in quite some time. Have a great break. Perhaps you can learn to not lash out at those who were not even involved in the first place.
Toodles! Get some sun. or something.

jj said...

You kids!!! Don't make me come up there!!!

Red Tory said...

Yes... small, shallow, hapless and petty. How quickly we're all tossed aside and personally rubbished. It's somewhat instructive I suppose.

Red Tory said...

And I should feel bad being excoriated and scolded by "Pale" a self-described "Inspector of shiny stuff" who situates herself in "Purgatory" equating that to Canada. Lovely.

The Seer said...

Below, we have this rule — IOKIYR. Topside, you have a corollary — IOKIYC. What Kate is trying to say is you waive the rule if you apologize for stupid mistakes. When you stop and think about it, who can argue with this insight?

LuLu said...

Um ... apparently I'm not the only one who had a fuck of a day.

You guys can fight it out all you want but I, for one, intend to sulk in my bed with a good book. I suggest you do the same.

Pale said...

Better than a self important whiner. :)

Po' me. Po' po' me

So personal RT. Hmmmm. Seems you need to go there? Can't argue on the substance.....typical.
Want me to go there too? I am sure I can dish the dirt?

Im better than that. Its very obvious.

(And some of us use fake locations, because we have personal reasons to do so. Ya.. Too much thinking for you. )

Like I said. Have a great break!

Red Tory said...

Pale — Whatever. And calling someone... Oh, let's do a quick inventory here, shall we:

• small
• shallow
• hapless
• petty
• purposeless
• self-important
• whiner

And that was all as a result of making a snarky little aside to Ti-Guy.

Yes, we'll be enjoying the sun very much. I hope you have as much fun with your bitter online acrimony.

Frank Frink said...

Ah the perennial victim card.

Poor baby need a blankie and pacifier?

Speaking of 'turning on people'

How quickly some people forget. Guess you take it all back now?

Again: seriously, sincerely and honestly. You either need to make a complete break or get over yourself. Or possibly both.

Ti-Guy said...

Frank, let it go. When people are going through a hard time, it's really kind of vulgar to keep picking at them.

Frank Frink said...

ti-guy. Let me assure you he isn't the only one who blogs going through a hard time. But I would only ever discuss that privately.

No, it isn't me, although I've had the one freakout this calendar year. So has Pale and so has Prole.

So, we do know and understand even if it appears we don't.

That's all I'll say about it, unless you wish to discuss it further privately.

Ti-Guy said...

Not really. I don't want to know private information about people I don't really know. This is the realm of ideas, and I like to keep it that way.

Red Tory said...

My bad for not being more private.

It's always a bad thing to let slip personal details in public with complete strangers. It comes back to bite you in the ass and makes everything you may have said otherwise completely irrelevant.

Nice to know however there are those like "Neo" and "Frank" keeping track of these things — ever at the ready it seems to retrieve an old comment from the archives in order to to skewer an opponent or mercilessly shame them with their own words taken out of context.

Frank Frink said...

Ah, yes. I'm so very much like 'Neo'.


Noni Mausa said...

Back to an on-topic post: ~gasp~

"It taunts the brand" ?

Sheesh. What "taunts the brand" is when the miserly contents don't match the wunnerful, caring wrapper. And what REALLY taunts the brand is when you realize the nice wrapper is designed to sell you contents that don't match the wrapper.

If there was a daily stream of unscripted data from the Cons that featured, now and then, a gormless event like this PR silliness, you could dismiss it as a mistake. But when the only unscripted stuff that comes out resembles, time after time, a Touretter's uncontrolled bark escaping after too much control, it makes you wonder how much of the scripted stuff is true. Any?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled quarreling.


KEvron said...

"Im better than that. Its very obvious."

how so?


Red Tory said...

Frank — In some ways you are. Now, put your tray table in the upright position...

Cameron Campbell said...

wow, there's a lot of fucking idiocy in this thread.

Paladiea said...

And how!

Dave said...

The posting is about Kate. Is that correct?

KEvron said...

"wow, there's a lot of fucking idiocy in this thread."

"And how!"



CC said...

cameron writes:

"wow, there's a lot of fucking idiocy in this thread."

Idiocy, yes. Fucking, not so much.

LuLu said...

The posting is about Kate. Is that correct?

Once upon a time it was.

KEvron said...

"Once upon a time it was."

and that clearly matters to some....