Wednesday, September 03, 2008

When incredibly stupid SDA bloggers blog.

Over at Kate McMillan's Delisle White Supremacist and Nazi Memorabilia Bar and Grill, guest blogger "The Greek" embarrasses his species yet again:

Actually, he has a point. I mean, witness the eye-rolling disgust and barely-concealed misogynistic contempt here.

Um, whoops, wrong web page. Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

HOLD ON A MINUTE ... perhaps I'm being unfair to "The Greek." Let us more carefully consider his precise complaint, shall we?

... a mental disorder held by most left-wing men and women who feel that women are betraying their gender by exhibiting signs of conservatism. i.e. Christian, family oriented, Republican, NRA member, pro-life

So The Greek's whine is that leftists are jumping all over Palin for her "conservatism?" Fortunately, this is a trivially easy bit of idiocy to refute, since one can provide numerous reasons to intensely dislike Palin that have absolutely nothing to do with her conservatism. Where to begin?

Well, there's the fact that she is a censor. I'm fairly sure that doesn't fall under The Greek's categorization, unless he curiously wants to defend censorship as an exclusively right-wing habit.

Moving on, one can despise Palin for being, well, a liar and a flip-flopper. The Greek isn't going to lay an exclusive claim on those character flaws for conservatives, is he?

And there's Palin's abuse of power, which I'm fairly sure isn't restricted to whingers. Anyway, you can see where I'm going with this, all of which allows us to conclude two fairly obvious points: 1) You can really, really dislike Sarah Palin for lots of reasons having nothing to do with her conservatism, and 2) the Greek is a total, fucking idiot.

But I'm guessing you already knew both of those things already.

APPARENTLY, The Greek was waiting near the fax machine when they sent out the right-wing talking points:

McCain: Only sexists don't like Sarah Palin

Exactly ... there can be no reason other than despicable misogyny to thoroughly dislike Sarah Palin. Sort of like, only racists don't like Barack Obama. Is that how it works, Greek? No? How ... curious.


Ti-Guy said...

"The Greek" should master the existing English language before inventing new terms:

"...a mental disorder held by most left-wing men and women..."

How do you "hold" a mental disorder?

Witless. Completely witless.

Red Tory said...

The only "mental disorder" exists in the minds of those who can't deal with the cognitive dissonance arising from the unvetted selection of a callow, manifestly unqualified hypocrite that's plagued by sleazy scandals, both professional and personal.

Mike The Greek said...

Hey, CC. Thanks for the plug... So far 57 comments on the article.

Renee said...

"who feel that women are betraying their gender by exhibiting signs of conservatism..."

No, silly, they're not betraying their gender. They're betraying the whole damned human race.

Beijing York said...

No, silly, they're not betraying their gender. They're betraying the whole damned human race.


Prole said...

Actually, I do hate Palin because of her conservatism. The lying, abuse of power, cronyism, love of censorship, and giving the state rights over my bodily autonomy are just par for the course.

KEvron said...

"So far 57 comments on the article."

as substantive as that one?


thwap said...

What is it with these whining conservatives, belly-aching about "sexism" or "racism" or all their other 10-dollar words?

Why this oppressive regime of "political correctness" from these professional victims??

Can't us lefties be allowed to "tell it like it is"? Without the right-wing morals police?

thwap said...

Just for the record; my comment above was meant to be sarcastic.

This right-wing garbage fights feminists every step of the way and used to openly mock the concept of "sexism" but now, when John McMoron makes a brazen political stunt, nominating an unknown female politician primarily to try to win the vote of disgruntled Hillary supporters, and people begin to criticize her on her terrible record, her total lack of experience ("experience" being something McMoran had made a big deal out of formerly), her personal hypocrisy and corruption, ... swine like this "the greek" fellow suddenly discover the evils of "sexism."

And when his utter hypocrisy, stupidity and mental corruption is exposed, what does "the greek" say in response? Essentially 'thanks for the publicity!'

Which is what (as you've noted before) this sort of vermin always does when confronted with superior intellects.

It's high time they were removed permanently from any chance of political influence.