Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Conservatives' Dirty Campaign

Now that the gloves have come off, we get to see the true class of our Con pals. The Conservative Party of Canada hosts a variety of gutter quality pages devoted to smears and attacks not only on opposition leaders and candidates but stooping to the base level of going after private citizens.

Note if you will
Dionbook a Facebook mock-up that sneers at blogs and bloggers Scott Tribe, The Liberal Bag, A BCer in Toronto, Far and Wide, Morton's Musings, Red Tory, What Do I Know Grit, The Wingnuterer and Jason Cherniak. When Mr Harper made his prophetic surmise that the campaign might be nasty, perhaps he had previewed his own party's efforts, avian feces and all. Granted the political landscape has changed somewhat in the last few years as digital proliferation has allowed more individual citizens a greater voice. But this would be analogous to a politician of days gone by going after a private citizen writing letters to the editor and holding them up to public ridicule. This is unseemly behaviour for a government to put forth. This is unworthy of our elected representatives and a blight on Canada's political landscape. If this is the contempt they have for the citizenry now, what depths will they plumb should they achieve a majority? These sites might seem an attempt to be clever but they clearly point out that the federal government is making a political enemies list and keeping an eye on contrarians both public and private.

There are links to a raft of other Conservative Party of Canada owned and operated smear sites.
Jason Cherniak is also centered out for a full page of personal belittlement. That special honour is bestowed upon him as head of a Liberal blogging aggregator and right beside Cherniak is a page of auto-fellation for The Blogging Tories' Stephen Taylor. Perhaps Jason should roll up his lawyering sleeves and get litigious on someone. After all, petty lawsuits are all the rage now that fat Steve (hey if this is the level of discourse coming from the governing party, why the hell should anyone else extend the olive branch of decorum to these sleaze merchants?) has taken to suing his political opponents to try and shut them up.

I will note for my own interest that there are some links at the bottom of the page. First among their current "Reality Checks"...

Will the Dion Liberals respect the law and court their settlement with Green Shift Inc. as an election expense?

Interesting. Will the Conservative Party of Canada give a fair accounting of the likely millions of 10% fliers that they have been using to conduct a taxpayer funded campaign and declare the cost of the creation, printing and mailing (at full market price of a stamp each) as election expenses? For the record, I will be drafting a formal complaint to Elections Canada concerning the fliers I picked up today, one contains the following text:

Roughly every three minutes, a Canadian has a car stolen. The costs add up fast, and Canadians are picking up the tab of more than $1 billion every year. These are staggering statistics for car owners to swallow. Whether joyriding hoodlums take the car for a thrill-ride or criminal gangs steal it for cash, car theft is an assault on the pocketbooks and peace of mind of innocent Canadians. Previous Liberal governments were soft on crime, standing idle while Canadians picked up the huge cost of car theft. This Conservative Government is taking real action. We have introduced tough new amendments to the Criminal Code that will prevent thugs and gangs from flaunting (sic) the law without penalty. The free ride for car thieves is over.

Now apart from being a misleading attempt to give the impression that previous Liberal governments didn't punish car thieves, it
might pass the smell test of being at least marginally about legislative information. However, this flier was retrieved from the recycling box in the mailroom of my building. I've made a habit of picking up the discarded fliers and sending them back from whence they came. I generally give them a cursory glance, seen one pile of partisan crap, you've seen them all. Right? Not so much. The relatively innocuous flier was one of only three among the twenty I collected that had that particular text. The remaining 85 % of the 10% fliers had the following text:

International car theft rings are becoming increasingly sophisticated, predatory and dangerous. Yet for too many years, previous Liberal governments refused to get tough on these dangerous criminal gangs. Canadians deserve better than that. They deserve tough new laws that will protect their cars and keep insurance costs under control. The Conservative Government is tightening Canada's borders for illegal cars and introducing tough new laws that promise serious jail time for car thieves, smugglers, and organized crime rings. In the next election, the choice Canadians face is clear. They can choose between weak leadership, broken promises, and idleness from the Stephane Dion Liberals or real action and real results from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government.

Now that my friends, is fucking bullshit. That is blatant, partisan campaigning and it is being paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. The Conservatives are the daddy warbucks party, coffers full to overflowing and yet they still have a pathological need to cheat the system, to cheat the Canadian taxpayer and pull a fast one. Dion's Liberals settled a lawsuit over the name of a proposed policy plank and these scumbags want it claimed as an election expense. Yet these are the same cheating In 'n' Out rats that Elections Canada is investigating, that the ethics committee is investigating and whose headquarters the RCMP had to search to counter stonewalling and obstruction. It takes a mighty big belly full of gall to demand that the Liberals declare a legal settlement as an election expense when they are clearly cheating, abusing privilege and making you and I foot their bill.

I have never seen the like. The Conservative Party of Canada has plunged this nation into the depths of dishonour in governance. I am ashamed to think that these cranks, fools and thieves stand a very good chance of improving their fortunes and are willing to do so using the most tawdry, dirty politicking imaginable. When I complete the draft of my letter to Elections Canada I will post the text and all salient information and I encourage others to keep an eye for similar abuses and cheating. We deserve better than this sort of callow, manipulative and dangerous campaigning from any party. Shame on Mr Harper and the Conservatives, the puffin's isn't the only shit they've been flinging.

All emphasis mine.


canpolnex said...

Clearly an attempt to target bloggers (unless they are paid by a particular party) is unacceptable. It does however show that all the parties in this election are recognising that the web (and blogs in particular) are playing a more and more important role in defining the agenda.

Noni Mausa said...

Send the flyers, with an account of where you got them, dated, to Elections Canada.

Gabe said...

I just love how the Conservatives are attacking Dion as if he was the leader of a do-nothing Parliament.
Oh wait.
He wasn't?
Well, then I hate that.

Chet Scoville said...

Damn, that "Dionbook" thing is filthy. Agents of the government attacking individual citizens? What the hell?

Frank Frink said...

I have been wondering, since I saw Dionbook earlier today, if it is actionable.

But, I'm not a lawyer nor have I ever played one on Tee Vee.

As you have framed it, though, it is clearly an attempt by the government or its agents to intimidate private citizens with the intent of stifling dissent.

Be very, very afraid of a Harper majority.

Do not that Dionbook is currently unavailable as I type. Link returns this message:
We apologize for the inconvenience. High traffic levels are putting Dionbook over it's bandwidth allotment.

Methinks it would also make a great target for anonymous hackers.

Cameron Campbell said...

Yeah, I just noticed that as well, the high bandwidth thing...

I also did this:

Zorpheous said...

WOW!, you mean they mentioned me and The Wingnuterer? Damn, I'm impressed to have made the Harper Enemy list,... I must be doing something right after all. Did anyone get a screen shot?

psa said...

i just happened to screen cap a few things, now that you mention it zorph.

Zorpheous said...

email it to me please
WOW, I'm on the Stephen Harper Enemies list, I'm impressed!!!

Mike said...


You said it in the first line...the glove are off. Harper took them off over a year ago when he started the out-of-election Dion attack ads.

Well, I think its time people stopped being all polite and shocked! I tell you shocked! at the conduct of these Brownshirts and start hitting back. Hard.

I'm sure there are lots of bartenders in Ottawa and elsewhere who will gladly tell a few tales if given the chance and a big tip.

These guys want a dirty fight, lets give it to them. Lets make them choke on it.

Niles said...

I'm sure Harper will find *some* way to slough it off onto over eager designers and/or 'third party' bad behaviour.

His televised apology about the puffinstuff immediately segued into how they couldn't possibly control extra-party parties mudslinging. Which had all the earmarks of telling people to file party serial numbers off any ad hominem attack pieces and the Cons would have deniability in the future.

Strangely, I suspect any 'third party' attack pieces done by 'progressive' presences would be laid directly at Dion's doorstep. Since all 'liberal' commentors are operatives of the Liberal party.

But congratulations to those who made the big cheezewhiz list. You must be doing something right. I wonder if it will drive any 'previously unaware of your existence' traffic to you all? No such thing as bad publicity and all that?

Pale said...

I just kept looking at it and thinking of that fake Daily show that FOX tried to make.
google the "half hour news hour".

It died, because conservatives just aren't funny.
Their humour is not based on nuance and parody, so much as mean spiritedness, and potty humour.

And now it appears they are attacking private citizens. (not well, mind you) Wow. That's going to go over really well. Really.

Wayne said...

I thought this site was the site of "gutter quality pages devoted to smears and attacks".

Well I guess I don't know everything.

CC said...

Fuck off, Wayne. Seriously, Fuck. Off. And. Die.

Out of all the pig-ignorant, mealy-mouthed Blogging Tories I've had the lack of pleasure to deal with, you are, without question, the most useless, vacuous waste of skin of them all.

In all the time you've had that pathetic blog of yours, you have -- to the best of my knowledge -- never, ever written a single post that contained any original content. Ever. Your entire presence (if you can call it that) in the Canadian blogosphere has contributed nothing but links to everyone else's work.

So piss off. Really. You have a blog, so fuck off back there and see if you can come up with something that anyone gives a shit about. Because I'll be deleting any more of your comments here.

Gazetteer said...

Twas interesting that, at the very end (ie. up until about 8:30pm EDT last night) they were also punking Kady O'Malley, Inkmeister and ,gasp!, even Mr. Coyne as well.

One can only conclude that their mission, which they've clearly chosen to accept, appears to be to trivialize everything.