Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Have I got a deal for you!

Jason Cherniak decides to vent some outrage in all the wrong places:

Today, Israel traded known murderers and terrorists in exchange for the bodies of two dead soldiers. If that doesn't say something about the moral differences between Israel and Hezbollah, I don't know what does.

Yes, Jason, that does say something about the difference, and that's that Hezbollah know how to drive a hard bargain, and Israel doesn't. Now shut up.


Anonymous said...

It is time for us to start focusing on the people who are really responsible for the evils of the Middle East conflict.
I wonder if fucknuts realizes that the Israel and the U.S. are largely responsible....

Anonymous said...

Maybe I've been too hard on the mental midget...
If that doesn't say something about the moral differences between Israel and Hezbollah, I don't know what does.
Yes, Israel likes to place illegal cluster bombs in heavily populated areas in the hopes that kids play with them. Or that Israel targets UN outpost... Or that Israel does not respect democratically elected governments (and when they don't like the outcome, call them terrorists).
Or that Israel thinks that targeted murders are perfectly fine.
One gets the feeling that Jason object to the crude methods that Hezbollah has, he would find them much more human if they lined up with clubs against the tanks, guns and whatever the fuck the Americans have given Israel to fight - that makes Israel morally superior.

Jason finds it acceptable that Israel is a human rights abuser and treats Palestinians as virtual hostages yet ask that we cry for two dead soldiers...

He's a fucking hypocrite and an embarrassment to all Liberals.
He's an example of passing religion before humanity and a joke when it comes to morality - in fact his judgement is so misguided by his blind devotion to Israel and the "Jewish State" that he's the least credible person when it come to lecture some on Khadar.

Maybe when Israel starts to comply with UN resolutions and stops being such fucking bullies and a rogue state in the eyes of the international community, he'd have some valid points.

As it stands, he's as blind and stupid as most of the clownservatives....

Anonymous said...

About that morality Jason....

I see that your morally superior heroes have issued the following:
"Israeli security officials warned on Thursday that Lebanese murderer Samir Kantar, who was freed in a prisoner swap after nearly three decades behind bars, should now fear for his own life.

very terrorist who committed an act of terror against Israel, especially someone like Kantar, who killed a little child and two other people, is a target," one of the officials told AFP.
"If there is a chance for Israel to close the file on Kantar, Israel won't hesitate," he added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another security official said Kantar "has become a target for killing.""