Monday, July 14, 2008

Dear Big Daddy:

While I’m sure the average Blogging Tory mouthbreather gets quite the thrill when you talk all scary and end-of-the-worldish, I think it’s long past time you realized that the average Canadian thinks you’re an asshole. I'm just sayin'.

Mockingly yours,

P.S. Nice hat. No, really.


Gordo said...

"Dressed up as a cowboy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper blasted away at the Opposition Liberals Sunday night and promised more action to his government's law and order agenda."

Oh, my aching sides. The Sherrif's back in town and he's pissed.

Romantic Heretic said...


It's been my experience that the louder some one talks about law and order the less they actually care about it.

And hasn't crime been going down for ages?

They really do live in the past.

Beijing York said...

Unfortunately, I disagree about Harper being all talk on the law and order front.

The prime minister told the crowd that his minority government intends to deal with the "escalating problem of violent youth crime" when Parliament resumes in the fall.

I think he intends to abolish the Young Offenders Act. And sadly enough, I bet he gets a helping hand from all the opposition parties.

Mike said...

"escalating problem of violent youth crime"

The only problem is that since 1990 its been falling and there isn't enough of it to scare people into voting Conservative anymore.