Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Narcissism, malignant and otherwise.

Yeah, I'd say this piece was pretty much on target. And if you don't agree, then ask yourself -- who else do you know who could pose with an adorable kitten:

and still leave you feeling a little creeped out over it afterwards?


LuLu said...

Big Daddy probably ate the poor kitteh right after the picture was taken.

Frank Frink said...

Had the same thought, LuLu. They're sweet and crunchy. Pass me the hot sauce, Stockie.

rgraham666 said...

I know what's going through his mind.

"Boiled or baked?"

Ti-Guy said...

No, I'm convinced he quite likes kittens. It's people he has problems with.

This comes as no surprise to me, someone who has been tracking (and hating) Harper since the early 90's. The people I blame the most, the ones who should all be lined up against the wall and...well, I won't say because someone will have a hissy fit...are the "journalists" who were too fucking timid, lazy and uncritical to simply relate to the rest of us that Harper's reputation for brilliance, greatness and talent could not be proved on the basis of any evidence whatsoever. He had an undistinguised academic career, never ran a business, never had a job worth any mention and has lived all of his life as a recipient of corporate welfare and a protégé of the more brilliant (and more sinister and corrupt) intellectuals at the University of Calgary (the only people I'm sure Harper is deferential to; he probably pisses himself when they get disappointed with him).

I'm not targeting the antisocial dimbulbs who call themselves "journalists" in most of CanWest and Quebecor rags (nor the hopless fabulists and psychotics like Margaret Wente, Marcus Gee and Don Martin); I'm accusing the ones I feel should have known better: Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, Christie Blatchford, Rex Murphy, the CBC news division; all those people who thought a conservative critique of liberalism and social democracy was healthy for Canadian governance but did their best to ignore the obvious and egregious intellectual dishonesty and outright fantasy that are insulting to Canadians, simply because they care more about their careers than their vocations.

I don't blame reporters all that much. It's obvious that you can't get anywhere with a pack of liars, control freaks and stonewallers as hideous as the Harper gang. I do blame those who are influential in our news media and who are paid to do that work. Not only have they failed to point out the obvious, plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face problems with this neoconservative freak show, but they've permitted every other sycophant, toady, courtier and crook who are members of our ruling and business elite to believe there is simply no media scrutiny in this country worth worrying about.

....and ANOTHER THING; Harper's French sucks. He wouldn't be able to carry on an impromptu conversation beyond a few platitudes about the weather. Let's see Harper have an unscripted dialogue in French about carbon taxes or the sociological foundations of the concept of "nation" and see how well he does.

jj said...

Hahahahaha! It's true! That is one of the creepiest pictures of Harper that I've ever seen.

"I brought dessert, Mr. Vice President..."

Dr.Dawg said...

He's in good company, apparently.