Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's funny only because it's so painfully accurate.


pretty shaved ape said...

i for one am getting deeply tired of the primaries. it isn't like there's a decent choice to be made, pick one: the mean girl, the empty suit or the crazy old coot. and while the democratic party busily disembowels itself i just want them to shut the fuck up and go away. i want a wall along the 49th parallel, those folks are cuckoo.

E in MD said...

The way I see it... this election will make sure that an independent wins the 2012 election.

I'm actually sure that Obama will make a lot of changes. But I'm equally sure that Congress will stall him every step of the way, Democrats included.

If McCain wins, Canada may well be invaded for it's oil. Not like he knows where the hell HE is half the time let alone where the enemies are.

If Clinton wins, the Iraq war will continue and the corporations will continue to run the country.

By 2012, people will be pissed off enough that real change can happen.

Ti-Guy said...

If McCain wins, Canada may well be invaded for it's oil.

Why do you continue to live in a country the citizens of which are apparently helpless to stop its government from committing crimes against humanity?

I know if Canada were on the verge of invading...oh, I don't know..Iceland...I'd be on Parliament Hill throwing Molotov cocktails.

Laura said...

It's a nice idea that people who don't like the government can just leave, but it's not that realistic.
I don't know what I would have done if I had lived in the US when Bush was elected. I would have been incredibly upset and considering leaving, but if people don't "continue to live in" the country any more, how can they ever hope to improve it?