Sunday, April 06, 2008

Um ... OK, let me rephrase that ...

Shorter right-wing Retard-o-sphere: "You know, I am sick to death of people making bad decisions and expecting the government to bail them out. What ever happened to personal responsibility? And accountability? And having to deal with the consequences of your actions, rather than assuming that someone's always going to pop by and save you from your own stupidity? No more freebies, and no more handouts. You fuck up, you deal with it. No exceptions."

"Well, OK, maybe just this one time. But that's it. We really mean it."


Red Tory said...

And since when did hypocritical double-standards ever bother those folks when it comes to them or anyone that shares their ideology?

As CWTF mentioned quite rightly the other week, it's the socialization of risk, which they appear to have no problem with. Go figure.

The Seer said...

All this proves, CC, is that you still can't tell the difference between the As and the Bs.

Anonymous said...

Red, I wish I could take credit for that - but it was another poster here that used it first.

Purple library guy said...

To be fair, it's not *just* about rich versus poor. Remember the Asian crisis? Financial institutions should only be bailed out if they're owned by whites. If they're owned by Asians or Mexicans or whatever, or really anyone not at the core of empire, bailouts are a moral hazard no-no.

KEvron said...

a single trading firm holds that much sway over the american economy? and isn't failure a natural aspect of free markets?

for my tax dollars bailout, i want corrective action. maybe something along the same lines as ma bell recieved in '84.

oh, and heads had better roll.


The Seer said...

purple library guy sez:

"To be fair, it's not *just* about rich versus poor. Remember the Asian crisis?"

The Asians are Bs, so lets forget about it.

gobsmacked said...

No it is even worse than that it is "USA is the best" bollox.
It grits my shit to here jerk-wads like Lou Dodds whine about the end result of the free market meaning that large Americans are now without a job because they cost too much.
The free market is only correct if it means the useless parasites south of the border don't suffer.
When Argentina was going through the mill, Dobbs and the like didn't a flying fuck, when the brain drain was from Europe to the US the US didn't give a shit. Now however it's time to squeal like the over priveleged fuck pigs that they are. We need to remind them that they made this bed via their over zealous, xtian, greedy assed selfish motives, so suck it up!
Free market capitalism is not about the individual it is as communal as any commune. If you aren't in the tent you are a resource and as such you can be bought and dumped when ever those who hire care.
Ahhh now I see why the libertarians and conservatives are attacking the media and education; an informed and educated population would see this whereas religious, ignorant drones wouldn't.
....just sayin'

Mike said...

Ease up on us libertarians gob...real libertarians don't want corporate bail outs any more than people here. Most real libertarians don;t consider the state-capitalist system that exists in North American to be a real free market, but one run for and buy the big corps. See Dean Baker's "Conservative Nanny State".

Its a test, Gob. Any one that claims to be a libertarian and supports massive bailouts for banks and the financial industry because of the sub-prime fiasco is lying.