Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dear Kate: Get a terminal disease and die, OK?

At least, that seems to be the same sentiment expressed by Kate McMillan as you can see reproduced here (emphasis added for the hard of thinking and people with mullets):

1. Put the cap back on your used needle and take it to a safe disposal site. Failing that, share it with your friends. It's a quicker solution to your problem, anyway.

Ha ha! That Kate, what a cut-up ... apparently actually encouraging poor people to contract AIDS and die. I guess jokes making fun of the Holocaust are getting kind of old.

Um ... John? John! John, pay the fuck attention! You want a story that involves watching a blog? Well, pull your head out of your butt and watch this story. And feel free to get back to Blogging Tories co-founder Stephen Taylor and ask him if publicly promoting the deaths of financially-disadvantaged Canadians is starting to get into BT "delisting" territory. And this time, John, why don't you insist on an actual answer, you useless prat?

BONUS TRACK: Being the self-appointed guardians of public civility that they are, I'm sure Stephen's Blogging Tories are all over Kate's latest breech of bloggy decorum like Steve Janke on a dead Oriental.


You people are so easy.

FUNNIER AND FUNNIER: To no one's shock or amazement, Five Feet of Fecal Matter™ Kathy Shaidle slithers into the room:

What? It's bad to hate poor people now??!! Sheesh.

This from someone who's so financially strapped that she's constantly whining about being unemployed, and selling blog link space for $10 a pop. Yeah, that's what you'd call irony, all right.

And not to be outdone, right-wing blogger Robert Jago makes an ass of himself:

Hold on a minute - is that the NDP saying that being called a 'drug addict' is "Offensive" and "Hurtful"? I thought drug addicts were victims who needed our sympathy.

Actually, Robert, I'm thinking that maybe it's Kate's public endorsement that those people catch AIDS and die that might be the "offensive" and "hurtful" part, but I can see why you'd rather carefully avert your eyes from that part of it. And, amusingly, the Robert Jago that is standing up for Kate is the very same Robert Jago that describes us as a "hate blog." I have to admit, Robert, you are Teh Funny.

I'll expect an apology about the time that Hell becomes uncomfortably cool.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone be more of an idiot than John Bowman?
He makes the boring tories seem practically cognizant..
And to think that the CBC once had standards....

Ti-Guy said...

I had glossed over KKate's remarks. I thought she was implying that people who remain addicted to drugs end up dying quickly (which is quite often true).

Now I see she is recommending they get AIDS and die.

Fucking bitch.

Jesus Fucking Christ, how much more do Conservatives need to start saying that this kind of stuff is not fucking funny? Locking up Indian activists, recommending residential schools and genocides for Africans, mocking Holocaust victims (and let's not mention the alliances with neo-nazis and white supremacists) isn't enough?

Ti-Guy said...

And of course, the Catholic Kathy Shaidle chimes in:

What? It's bad to hate poor people now??!! Sheesh.
Posted by: Kathy Shaidle at April 2, 2008 6:20 AM

Actually for you, yes it is. But we've gone beyond that when you wish poor people would get AIDS and die, haven't we?

I wonder if that other Catholic, Michael Coren still thinks Shaidle is an appropriate guest for his show?

Cameron Campbell said...

I often wonder how some people are able to deal with the seemingly incapability of their Christianity (charity, do unto others etc) with their self avowed hate.

Cameron Campbell said...

I often wonder how some people are able to deal with the seemingly incapability of their Christianity (charity, do unto others etc) with their self avowed hate.

Cameron Campbell said...

It would appear that I wonder it twice..

pretty shaved ape said...

wonder twin comments... activate?

Cameron Campbell said...

Form of an annoyed geek!

jj said...

What? It's bad to hate poor people now??!! Sheesh.

Of course not, because Jesus said we must always hate the poor.

How long has 5 feet of foodbank been *on the bum* now? Soon we'll be able to measure it in Friedman Units.

Ti-Guy said...

I still can't understand the charge Shaidle gets out of being such a hypocrite. Because expressing hypocrisy is so outrageous?

Talk about self-agrandising mediocrity. Of course, whether you're a drunken lefty or a hate-spewing facist, that never changes.

Just stay the fuck off the public airwaves and out of the mainstream media. Or better yet, take up pornography. That's at least morally consistent.

E in MD said...

oo oo! I vote ebola hemorrhagic fever!

Cameron Campbell said...

Up now at ffofm: "How do these people cope without decoder rings?"

I almost swallowed my tongue I was laughing so hard when I read that...

Between the out and out lies, the contextless crap, the "writing" and the generalizations (yes, yes, I'm in favor of forced marriages and honour killings... fucktard), I really don't understand how she doesn't collapse upon herself like a supernova of BS.

greeneggsandtam said...

Hahah awesome. So much Kate Hate in the room. I can't read her site anymore. It makes me feel sick. But I do appreciate reading how stupid she is.
Heyyy. What's so bad about being a drunken lefty? lol

Mike said...

'Five feet of foodbank'...HA!

Patrick Ross said...

Yeah, that whole apology thing would probably help if you were owed one. Unfortunately for you, what Jago said about you is entirely true.

That being said, here's an interesting little nugget, and this time it's courtesy of your best buds over at the Galloping Beaver:

"Die in miserable agony Mrs Thatcher."

And don't even sweat yourself on this one: we all know it'll be a cold day in hell before you admit that this is relevant, or that it's wrong.

Frank Frink said...

Yes, Twatsy, I hope she does. I hope she does. As much as there are many Britons who admire here, there are equally many Britons who would be quite happy to tramp, spit or piss on her grave. And wish her a miserable, agonizing death.

Are you lacking attention over at your digs again?

liberal supporter said...

PR is closing fast on Catherine for the Irrelevancy award.

Dana Hunter said...

I second the motion for ebola. Can we make sure Patrick's included? He's obviously feeling left out - I'm sure he wouldn't want to be excluded when the highly contagious pathogens are handed around.

Patrick, my dear assclown, try to pay attention now: suggesting a specific person die in miserable agony because their own actions have earned such revulsion is indeed qualitatively different than wishing a wasting disease on a general population simply because they are poor and drug-addicted. And no, I don't expect you to understand that. Which is why you'd best hope that sociology degree of yours be printed on very soft paper. At least then you'll get some use of it.

CC said...

Oh, dear ... here comes Twatrick again, undoubtedly pissed that all the good blog parties are happening somewhere else and everyone's ignoring his little compost heap of a blog.

Patrick is, of course, the master of the faux equivalence: Someone wants Margaret Thatcher to die an excruciating death; therefore, Kate McMillan is justified in what she said! Yes, Patsy, whatever you say.

Here's a newsflash, Twatrick -- I genuinely hope that all of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Alberto Gonzales spend their old age racked in the grip of some horrific, terminally wasting disease, because that's only fair given the horror they inflicted on hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Does that make me a bad person, Twatrick? I don't think so. Is Kate McMillan still an asshole. Oh, yes. See if you can some to grips with the thinking there, Twatsy. Don't strain yourself.

And for fuck's sake, Twatsy, try to attract some readers over there so you don't have to keep coming by here, begging for an audience. It's pathetic. You're starting to sound like Kathy Shaidle. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Patrick Ross said...

Sure, Cynic. You can call that faux-equivalence if you like.

Kate McMillan wished agonizing death upon people.

Your friends over at the Galloping Beaver wished agonizing death upon people.

You wished agonizing death upon people.

And Dana Hunter wished agonizing death upon people.

You can try and dissemble over it all you want. It doesn't change the fact that you're all the same breed of scum.

Truth hurts, don't it, kids?

CC said...

Geez, Patsy ... are you sure you want to describe Kate McMillan as "scum"? That's getting dangerously close to being progressive. You might want to rethink that argument.