Friday, April 04, 2008

... and Patrick Ross as Commissioner of Education.

What a swimmingly good idea:

Kate McMillan for Chief Commissioner of Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

The head of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission is stepping down to take a position at the University of Winnipeg.

Chief commissioner Marilou McPhedran had only been in the position since October of last year but she told reporters the opportunity at her alma mater in Manitoba was too good to pass up.
(Seems smarter than the average Commissioner)

Blazingcatfur has launched an aggressive Lobby Campaign aimed at ensuring Kate McMillan of SDA is named as the new Chief Commissioner of Saskatchewan's HRC.

And a fine suggestion that is, since any province stupid enough to elect the Saskatchewan Party deserves Kate McMillan to oversee their human rights. So I call on the right-wing whackjobs of Saskatchewan to rise up and support the Katester as their new HRC overlord.

I also call on the non-retarded residents of Saskatchewan to move to a more intelligent province.


Dr.Dawg said...

I'm surprised that lot isn't promoting Marc Lemire. Kate has, after all, too much political baggage. : )

Cameron Campbell said...


The Jurist said...

No fan of Wall here by any stretch of the imagination, but given that he's already denounced Kate this week I'd be shocked if his government was willing to hand her the role. Which means that the "Lobby Campaign" should only expose just how far she and her followers are from mainstream Saskatchewan.

Frank Frink said...

I also call on the non-retarded residents of Saskatchewan to move to a more intelligent province.

Well, I think some folks have figured that out since there are likley more people born in Saskatchewan living in the ROC than people actually living in Saskabush.

To be fair, however, I know several very intelligent, non-retarded people who live on the flatlands. So, let's remember that SK has had NDP and CCF administrations. More than any other province. Let's just call this current government, and the Grant Devine era, historical aberrations.

Pale said...

blazingcatfur (sounds like an STD) just likes to stir. lol.

There was a short lived stunt to try to nominate his? her? self for an F word award. Sadly festeringpussy and his? Her? commentators didn't read the rulez, and they were tossed from the moderation queue.
Of course they complained and whined a lot about freedom uh speech and all that nonsense.

When building a PC, and in life..RTFM.
Read the fucking manual.

liberal supporter said...

We have a PM that hates Canada and wants to dismantle it, why not a Chief Commissioner that hates the HRC and wants to dismantle it?