Monday, March 10, 2008

If the dishonesty were any thicker ...

Blogging Tory JoJo is all moist over recent journalistic developments:

Bloggers in the Post

First it was Kathy, then Kate, and now we have a great opinion article in today's National Post by Suzanne Fortin - Canadian Women Need a Fetal Homicide Law.

Suzanne argues in favour of Ken Epp's Private Member's Bill C-484 which would make it a "separate crime to kill a fetus while committing an offence against the mother". Mary Talbot, whose daughter and grandson were murdered, has been a vocal supporter of this bill.

She dispels the slippery slope argument with the following:

... The legal definition of human being would remain. A child would not become a human being until birth. Bill C-484 does nothing to change that.

Yeah, what are you folks all worried about? It's not like this was about abortion or anything.

On the other hand, courtesy of JJ, there's this SUZANNE:

with that very same SUZANNE being all "pro-life" and "kicking abortion's ass" when discussing that same bill C-484. My God, but the cognitive dissonance must be something to write home about.

AFTERSNARK: I'm fascinated that Suzie All-Caps was allowed to use the phrase "pro-abortion advocates" to refer to pro-choicers, given that most pro-choicers find that former appellation more than a little offensive. One wonders if the Post has a guidebook that explains what is and isn't acceptable terminology. Would someone rebutting Suzie be allowed to refer, not to "pro-lifers," but to "fetus fetishists?" Or would the Post suddenly invent some journalistic standards out of thin air?

Perhaps someone could ask and get back to us.

I'M CURIOUS ... can someone in the know find out who at the Post recently decided to load up the op-ed page with the more deranged of Canada's female wingnut bloggers? This can't be a coincidence.


liberal supporter said...

It's the same idea as "America's Funniest Home Videos". It is there to remind their audience that the there is a reason this amateur night stuff is not ready for prime time. Such as a complete lack of journalistic integrity, coupled with hypocrisy.

It also shuts up people who act like they are good enough to be on TV, but aren't only because the meanies in the studios won't let them. So they let anyone send in their tapes, and get some laughs in the process. You have noticed, that "home video" shows always show the stupidest crap, and never any serious attempts to produce quality material. Funny for a half hour, but you wouldn't want to watch that quality of stuff all the time.

Same here. NP will feature only the most raving loon bloggers as guest columnists, mainly for entertainment. Otherwise, people might actually start to read blogs instead of buying their paper.

Ti-Guy said...

Otherwise, people might actually start to read blogs instead of buying their paper.

I've never had to buy a copy of the National Post in my entire life. It was always given away, everywhere I looked.

*sigh*...The Putz never learns; it'll never advance reactionary "conservatism" so long at it keeps promoting the truth- and reality-challenged.

jj said...

From SUZANNE's article: "but they stopped paying attention decades ago, in order to promote their abortion ideology."

"To promote their abortion ideology" -- I am sooooo glad that got past the editorial board. The more of that kind of batshit-craziness they come out with, the better.

Who's next, I wonder... Socon or Busted, celebrating the return of government to the bedrooms of the nation? (Bugfuck insanity warning.)

Ti-Guy said...

From JJ's link to SoCon or Bust:

And that’s why the West is in the shitter right now. There’s no where else to hide.

And from now on, either we f–k [fuck] with results or we die.

Wow...Flanders really has gone for the potty mouth in a big way.

I hope we're finally getting to the "bust" part of his mission.

jj said...

Ti-Guy - ""either we f–k [fuck] with results or we die."" I can just see the Reproduction Gestapo standing beside the bed to ensure there's "results".

Hey, I wonder if Mrs. Flanders knows that Ned thinks of their sexual congress as "fucking"? :p

Ti-Guy said...

I'd be surprised if it could even be described as sexual congress. Isn't what these people do more properly called pollination or budding or parthenogenesis or something?

Mike said...

A yes, I remember that chapter from A Handmaids Tale. Will John Pacheco be able to visit the Jezzabels after he gets his way?

jj said...

"Isn't what these people do more properly called pollination or budding or parthenogenesis or something?"

Yeah, they just split like cells. There's one walking down the street... whoops! Now there's two!

900 ft Jesus said...

It's a public service thing - providing an opportunity to the feeble minded - the media equivalent of Karaoke for people who can't sing, or paint-by-numbers for people who can't create art.