Friday, March 07, 2008

I luuurrrvvvvv winter.

Really I do. I hope it never, ever, never ends. And at this rate, it never will.

No, my darlings, that's not a typo ... there's 30 to 40 cms of snow on the way by tomorrow night. Hooray!!!!

P.S. Dear Red, you’re just jealous.

P.P.S. My mother has already called. Twice.


Red Tory said...

Yeah, right. LOL.

Actually, I do like snow (not these days, for obvious reasons)... just not six months of it!

pretty shaved ape said...

i like snow. mostly in those little tourist globes that you shake into raging vortices of doom. tell mom i said hi!

Dave said...

Hurry your butt out to Lotus Land. We'll have a cold beer for you... on ice. :o)

Sheena said...

Oh? Is it snowing? Is that why I'm forced to endure yet another free glass of Lufthansa house Brut in the lounge trying to figure out a connection back home?