Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fat, ugly blogger gives talk. Film at 11.

Bored? Stupid? Then feel free to kill an hour or two and several brain cells today with unemployed, Canadian right-wing screech harpy Kathy Shaidle:

Don't forget my talk tomorrow afternoon:

To reserve your spot by credit card, call:

Anna at the Faculty Club
(416) 978-6326

Thursday, March 6, 2008
12:30 to 1:30PM
The University of Toronto Faculty Club
41 Willcocks Street (Spadina & Harbourd)

Sandwich buffet lunch then cookies, coffee and tea: $20

If you pop by and there's a question-and-answer session, be sure to ask Kathy whether she still thinks it's acceptable to ridicule fat kids. Or whether she still believes there are no desperately poor people in America.

And point out that she's fat. I understand she's good with that.


E in MD said...

OMG! You revealed where fat-ula will be using publicly available information! You bastard!

You obviously have an eeeevil plan for her and hate women.... and Babies...and the troops.... and stuff.

Buh-Gawk, Buh-gawk!

Ti-Guy said...

In all seriousness, if I were interested in this (which I'm not), I'd go to her talk, listen to what she has to say, and see where she contradicts herself in light of her record. I doubt I'd confront her, but I'd certainly write about it.

But it's seriously not worth the 20$. There are plenty of free events all around that area during lunch time that feature people far less mediocre than some failed writer/racist harridan.

the rev. said...

come for the sammiches
stay for the psychosis

Ti-Guy said...

Come to think of it, the opportunity to see her eat is a little irresistible.

I listened to a podcast on CBC the other day that featured research on obesity and suggested that the issue of those in a position of frustration in relation to whatever hierarchy they are part of and the depositing of fat in the viscera might be linked and a contributor to the obesity epidemic.

Fat and Angry or Angry and Fat? Sounds like a good hypothesis, whatever the causal relationship.

Shannon said...

Oh lovely. Fat bashing. That's ever so clever. Colour me disappointed.

Ti-Guy said...

Kathy Shaidle approves of fat bashing. She thinks it's salutary.

Who are we do disagree with her?

Shannon said...

Who are we to disagree with her? Well, reasonable, intelligent people. I figure we disagree with her on everything else, why stoop to her level on this?

KEvron said...

"why stoop to her level on this?"

it's called ironic endorsement, shannon. these uncharitable observations have been limited to shaidle, for reasons already given.


CC said...

Actually, it's called being hoisted by your own petard. And several other things, I'm guessing.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I get it. But it still promotes the idea that fat is an acceptable insult. I mean, do you go around calling Larry Craig (or the like) a faggot?