Friday, February 01, 2008

Shorter Sandy Crock:

The partisanship in the MSM is completely out-of-control. Let me cite these 2 examples about Harper and Dion in a serious and non-partisan manner. Susan Riley’s column about Harper is just mean and clueless – look at his numbers! It's obvious everyone loves him. John Ivison’s column slamming Dion, however, is totally true. Seriously.

LuLu-snark. MaryT shows up to add her delusional thoughts on the matter:

I think all the media, print and tv, are very upset that all their predictions that PMSH would not last 6 mos let alone 2 years, is affecting their brains. The thought he might go till Oct 2009 is untinkable. They have lost all credibility, (if they ever had any).
Our next step is to flood cbc and Newman with out disgust at his panels and bias, and also his habit if interupting conservative guests. Yesterday it was almost a shouting match, as he refused to let the conservative finish a sentence. Pat Martin’s tirades made one wonder if he was having a breakdown on camera.

MaryT then went on to say “PMSH is like the dreamiest evah ... so there!”


Ti-Guy said...

What a vile propagandist she is. I'd love to find out if anyone at OISE ever had to deal with this creature and what the experience was like.

Her publication record is pretty thin, so maybe her overwhelming irrelevance protected her from scrutiny.

Red Tory said...

Untinkable... LOL

LuLu said...

I had quite the giggle over that myself ...

Red Tory said...

What a sinkhole of inanity that place is. Not to mention the paranoia...

Thus spake the Crockster:

To all my regular visitors — Please be careful not to mention specific names unless it is from an already published column or television show. Then, if you do, provide a URL. We — all of us — can not to be too careful about defammatory comments in this current negative climate.

Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha! Batten down the hatches little chickens! God forbid you should should call Jane Taber a pusillanimous douchebag.