Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fuck you, JoJo. Seriously.

Just when you think Blogging Tory "Joanne (True Blue)" can't possibly be any more of an unprincipled douchebag, she pulls off this shit. [Ed: Like the cowardly weasel that she is, JoJo allowed that comment to be posted, only to delete it later. Keep reading.]

Yes, that was my comment and, since I was sure Joanne was going to do something sleazy, I took a snap of it when I submitted it:

As I'm sure you can see, there's nothing even remotely vulgar or profane about it -- I just call JoJo out for being a blatant hypocrite. Her response is to add some gratuitous childish idiocy around it, then chop the attribution. Apparently, this is what passes for maturity and civil discourse in JoJo's world.

So here's the comment I just left there -- I'm pretty sure you won't be seeing it any time soon, but I think you'll see where I'm going with this.

I think we can safely consign JoJo to the Dr. Roy compost heap of Blogging Tories, and move on.

P.S. And just in case JoJo decides, in a fit of whiny childishness, to delete that hacked comment of mine that she allowed through, I have the screenshot. It's no wonder she moderates her comments section -- I've never seen such a weaselly little coward who didn't want to see her worldview contaminated by anything resembling reality.

BIG SURPRISE THERE: Since that worthless, chickenshit hack JoJo did in fact (as I suggested above) delete the comment of mine that she mangled, here's the original screenshot, where you can see how JoJo isn't so keen on an open, intellectual discussion so much as she's obsessed with hacking other peoples' work and getting the last word when it suits her.

What a pathetic little turd.

HERE'S A THOUGHT: If you're feeling ambitious, why not pop by JoJo's and politely ask why she initially posted my comment, but only after deleting its authorship. Refer to me specifically by name, and ask her if it's standard behaviour of hers to also editorialize in the middle of someone else's comment.

In short, just take her to task for being a dishonest, sleazy hack. But do it politely, JoJo being the delicate wallflower that she is.


Sparky said...

oh it's deleted--I couldn't find anything resembling it in the commetns section (or did I miss it somewherez?)
And your followup? Gone into the ether as well...

Mike said...

Yep, gone...completely predictable and, ironically proves the very point you were making. Only listen to opinions you agree with and dismiss all others. If that doesn't work, ignore and pretend it does not exist.

How conservatives can be so dishonest and still try to claim 'morality' as one of their strong points is beyond me.

Jay said...

I pointed out that Denise was a whack job nutcase in as polite a terms as I could find and she still deleted it, so I went into cunt land as well and chewed her ass out, but it isn't like she has a clue about WHY we're pissed or how she screwed up. It will all just end up being the fault of the anti-baby terrorist loving scum of the left to her.

CC said...

It's not only that that pissy little hack JoJo moderates her comments section. Under some circumstances, there may be a good reason for that, but using that moderation to screen dissenting views isn't one of them.

No, it's not just that, it's that (as you've now seen), JoJo will reject comments allegedly for their lack of civility when there's nothing uncivil about them.

Then she'll hack them and remove the authorship so that she can respond to them while not giving any credit to the original author.

And, finally (and you can see the long-time pattern here), she'll try to come off as fair and open-minded and willing to discuss the issues, when she is in fact absolutely set in her ways and arbitrarily rejects any evidence placed in front of her that displeases her and conflicts with her fundamentalist worldview.

She is, in many ways, the very definition of a worthless, closed-minded, dishonest blogger. She could literally be used as the textbook example.

In short, if you want to keep hanging out at that comments section, feel free. But you have to know that you're not changing anyone's mind there, regardless of how much evidence you bring to the table.

It's the old saying -- trying to educate an ignorant, Bible-whomping whackjob is like trying to teach a pig to sing; it's a waste of time, and it annoys the pig.

jj said...

"It's the old saying -- trying to educate an ignorant, Bible-whomping whackjob is like trying to teach a pig to sing; it's a waste of time, and it annoys the pig."

Too true. I don't comment there to change anyone's mind, but rather to refute people like Denise when they come charging in with their manure spreaders. If only with respect to random readers that might surf in there not knowing any better, someone has to call bullshit.

But having said that, I think my work there is done;)

Ti-Guy said...

If only with respect to random readers that might surf in there not knowing any better, someone has to call bullshit.

I don't even think that can work. What should be a bigger motivation among non-conservatives is that challenges to their dishonesty, their censoriousness, their propaganda, their moral relativity, their hypocrisy and the threats they pose TO US with their authoritarianim, illiberalism and anti-democratic machinations should appear menacing.

We tend to assume that our beliefs, being grounded in reality and science, open to diversity and respectful of other people democratic rights and freedom are strongly held because they're nice and true.

Well, I don't hold them for only those reasons; I see the challenges to them as personally disastrous and threatening. And a threat cannot be met with good cheer and civility all the time...after a while, you have to make it clear to the reactionaries that their opposition can be as menacing as they are.

Red Tory said...

It’s a complete waste of time commenting there. Joanne is daft as a brush and as dishonest as the day is long.

Red Tory said...

CC — With all due respect, your "thought" isn't a particularly good one in this instance. JoJo is just going to let this mewling wingnut Denise get on her soapbox and hector everyone about the evils of abortion (even though the hypocritical bag has apparently had a bunch of them) with her blessing and/or tacit approval. I'm quite certain any line of questioning that calls her integrity or honesty to account will be summarily dismissed and/or deleted. Moreover, she'll then get to crow about being assaulted by "trolls" from your site after which will follow a lot of self-righteous moaning and bleating, with the usual suspects rallying to her side to console the poor diddums.

CC said...

Yes, RT, you have a point. Let's just agree that Jojo is a witless, dishonest hack and move on. Even I'm getting tired of this.

Red Tory said...

Yep, that would be the way to go here, I think. Arguing with Joanne is like discussing philosophy with a ficus plant.

Red Tory said...

As if there was any doubt:

I have to dig myself out of a ton of 'global warming' at the mouth of our driveway, so please free to use this as an open thread for your ranting pleasure. (That was a joke, Suzuki-worshippers.)

Unfortunately, I have to keep Comment Moderation on due to this post, but I'll check in from time to time.

I often wonder what would happen if I wrote a post with the title 'Abortion' and nothing else. Would the flaming comments still occur?

On another note, how many female bloggers out there have to deal with jerks (usually on the left) throwing the c-word at them? Just wondering.

Actually, I'll take it as a sign that I must be doing something right. ;)

So there you go CC, you "jerk"... Your fairly respectful post this morning — as well as those of anyone opposing this hypocritical dimwit "Denise" — was nothing but "flaming". Oh and look, you've forced poor little JoJo to censor, err, I mean "moderate" her comments while she's out shoveling the snow which totally proves there's no such thing as global warming.

CC said...

Just when I think JoJo can't become any more of a loathsome cretin, she still manages to amaze me.

Check this out:

"I think there comes a point when people just have to agree to disagree because you realize you'll never change the other person's mind."

That's about as weaselly a cop-out as you're ever likely to find. If you go back through that deluge of comments, it's easy to see that JoJo and her acolytes are getting their respective asses handed to them by commenters who actually have working brains and have taken the time to look at the evidence. So how is JoJo going to handle the relentless smackdown of her position?

Well, she promised earlier that she would look at the evidence when she got the time, but now you can see what's really going to happen, can't you? Gosh, it's just a passionate issue and sometimes people will just have to agree to disagree.

What a worthless coward -- you just know that's where it's going to drop and JoJo has no intention of doing any followup. No followup, no admission of error, just time to move on.

What a lying hack.

Jay said...

Just another feather in my cap and more improvement on my debating techniques for when I find that magical wingnut that doesn't know any better than to argue on facts and science.

Red Tory said...

CC — Quite so. And the most significant comment is one you may already have referenced:

Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Denise. Lots of material to go through here. Excellent.

Many readers here have disputed the breast cancer studies, but no one can dispute the fact that you had complications following your abortions, and that you had years of emotional pain to contend with afterwards.

We must keep this issue open.

Wed Feb 06, 11:05:00 PM EST

Emphasis added.

This issue will always remain "open" in the minds of wingnuts like Joanne and Denise for as long as the existing law stands.

Ti Christophe said...

gawd, these people are THICK.

i've presented evidence that shows that their evidence is complete crap, yet they persist. do these people not understand reality?

Denise keeps touting this study by Carroll. Carroll isn't a scientist, he's an actuary. He published it in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons which is not recognized by the scientific community as reputable, in fact they are pro-life (it's in their mission statement), and he also got funding from the LIFE charity, which is...wait for it...a pro-life charity. HUGE conflict-of-interest, therefore not reliable.

THEN she brings out this stuff from The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer website. They quote a paper by Beral et al (2002) which talks about the link between early breast-feeding and reduced risk of breast cancer. Ok, fine, what's their point? They also reference a 2004 paper by Beral et al which... wait for it... actually concludes there is NO link between abortion and breast cancer. so, one of their big references, sitting right in front of them like a boil, says exactly the opposite of what they say, and yet they claim it supports their argument.

unbelievable. simply, unbelievable.

i'm not crazy, right? those points demolish using that stuff, at least, as material for their arguments, right?

CC said...


I called it, didn't I? Every time someone in that comments section tries to drag the topic back to the contentious abortion/breast cancer link, somebody moves the goalposts.

I mean, God help us, that Christian dingbat Denise is now yammering on about abortion and cerebral palsy, for fuck's sake.

These people are simply imbeciles, and JoJo is the worst of the lot since she likes to hold herself out as an open-minded, thoughtful participant, when she is, in fact, the densest and most dishonest jackass of the lot.

Red Tory said...

CC — Yeah, the motorized goalposts of these folks is always a thing of wonder to behold. Poor Christophe, who's been driven to the edge of sanity trying to knock some sense into these "cementheads" it seems... I really give up. I did weigh in a couple of times over there just to dispel some flagrant lies that were being spread about me, but otherwise, I couldn't be bothered. Although I did make kind of an exception today and took Mr. Alexander to task for his latest bit of douchebaggery.

Ti Christophe said...

yeh, i've had enough of their retardedness....

CC said...


The sad thing is that you can't just dismiss some of these people as stupid anymore, simply because they're just rancidly dishonest instead. And JoJo is the rancidest of the bunch.

As you've noticed, she turns into a sanctimonious scold whenever a critic gets even the slightest bit edgy, but she'll let her groupies insult others quite blatantly.

She really is just a worthless turd masquerading as a human being.