Friday, February 01, 2008

Because Patsy's a moron, that's why.

I'm sure LuLu would have wanted to remove Patsy's jewels and hand them to him in a (very) small box but, what the hell, I might as well have the pleasure. Witness one of Patsy's recent offenses against literacy:

Consider this latest episode over the alleged brutality of the anti-abortion movement (actually only the brutality of a small number of anti-abortion activists, but brutality nonetheless).

So, I told Lulu I'd see her fundamentalist terrorism, and raise her blogmate's own amusement over the injuries inflicted on one Ed Snell.

OK, let's go there. First, let's check in on the batshit-crazy-o-sphere and how they report on it:

Here is a case from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in which a 69-year old sidewalk counselor was viciously attacked by an abortion client, resulting in the victim's multiple trauma, internal bleeding, and compression fractures of four vertebrae and two ribs. Before doctors were able to stop the bleeding in his head, the man was very near death.

Holy crap, that is some kind of unhinged savagery, isn't it? Which, naturally, gives Patsy the freedom to crow about the vicious, murderous tendencies of the pro-choice crowd. And -- let's be clear -- assaulting a 69-year-old is not acceptable behaviour.

(By the way, Patsy, you have to love how the Right describes Snell as a "sidewalk counselor," as opposed to a raging, drooling protestor screaming at women. But let's not digress. Onward.)

Now let's dig a bit deeper to figure out what really happened, shall we? Like here:

In 20 years of protesting at abortion clinics in central Pennsylvania, Ed Snell has had his share of confrontations.

OK, then -- what we first learn is that Snell has been doing this for 20 years, and he's been having run-ins for 20 years. That still doesn't excuse the assault but, at the very least, we can safely say that Snell, given his history, no longer has any right to be surprised when someone gets fed up with him. In short, when he shows up to harass pregnant women, he already has a good idea of what might happen, but he chooses to show up, anyway. That alone is enough to lose him just a wee bit of sympathy but, don't go away, it gets better.

People have screamed at him, spit in his face and knocked his cap off. About 10 years ago, Snell said, a man grabbed him by the throat and choked him outside a now-closed clinic in downtown Harrisburg.

Whoa -- our Mr. Snell really has no right to be surprised about people getting major pissed with him. He's been assaulted for this sort of thing before, and yet he persists. And the sympathy dial drops another small notch. Onward.

In the past, he's brushed off the confrontations.

He has? He's been assaulted before, and he's done nothing about it? How ... amusing. One might even conclude that Mr. Snell is a major glutton for punishment, and doesn't even bother to press charges. *Click*. Sympathy dial. Let's read on.

But after a recent incident in which he cracked his head on the pavement and was hospitalized, Snell, 69, of Penbrook, said he's rethinking his approach.

Ah, so he "cracked his head on the pavement?" But ... but ... but ... the "multiple trauma," the "internal bleeding," the "compression fractures of four vertebrae and two ribs" ... whatever happened to all of that? And being "near death" at the hospital? My God, but that must have been a savage beating he took. Oh, wait ...

Snell was taken to Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where he was treated for head trauma before being released a few days later, police said.

When asked why Richardson was not arrested at the scene, Harrisburg Police Chief Charles Kellar said officers did not at first realize how serious Snell's injuries were.

Yes, yes, our Mr. Snell was viciously attacked and almost murdered, and yet, miraculously, that wasn't even immediately obvious and there he is being released after only a few days and being treated allegedly only for head trauma. What a marvelous healer our Mr. Snell is.

In short, Patsy, put a fucking sock in it. While you'd dearly love to portray this as an example of the murderous rage of the pro-choice crowd, what it is is an offensive, mouthy, Bible-whomping fuckwit who has, for some 20 years, screamed at pregnant women at abortion clinics, to the point where he even builds a platform for his car so he can keep doing it over a privacy wall, at which point someone finally snaps and has enough of him and pushes him off his car, and he whomps his head on the street and needs a few days to heal, and even he's now thinking that maybe he should find another hobby, like sodomizing altar boys or setting cats on fire or something.

You keep riding that Ed Snell horse, Patsy. It just gives the rest of us a chance to snicker at what kind of deluded, desperate wingnut you are.

P.S. Oh, and Patsy, feel free to compare pushing someone off their car with murdering them in front of their family with a high-powered rifle. Go ahead -- this should be entertaining. I'm not sure there's enough popcorn in town for that show.

P.P.S. Let's watch Patsy try to address that last challenge by changing the subject. You know it's coming.


LuLu said...

I'm sure LuLu would have wanted to remove Patsy's jewels and hand them to him in a (very) small box ...

I wouldn't soil my boots (which are mine) with his pathetic 'nads.

Isn't it interesting how some one who moderates comments at his blog loves to show up here and talk smack completely unencumbered? It must be a very freeing sensation for Patrick; no doubt, he feels as giddy as a school girl. If, you know, by school girl, I actually mean a sad, doughy, mullet-sporting, spittle-flecked bully who’s still stuck in high school mode.

Sheena said...

Whoa, talk about blaming the victim. Was Snell wearing a slutty dress?

Red Tory said...

I think he lifted his moderation some time back. Not that it makes much difference, apparently. It's still not worth joining the "discussion". *snort*

LuLu said...

So basically, he has zero comments on his posts because he has zero commenters? That sounds about right.

Jay said...

Sheena, who pushed him? An activist or a man that was trying to protect a woman from the screaming epithets from a nutcase old man jumping up and down on top of his car?

So before blaming those that are trying to protect the freedom of choice for hurting poor little Mr. Snell, maybe you should just recognize that Mr. Snell actually provoked the attack giving the attacker a justifiable defense in court?

Just because someone throws the first punch doesn't automatically make them the only guilty party. Mr. Snell does have his own responsibility to deal with in this.

Sheena said...

I'll defer to Don Cherry as the definitive authority on THAT assertion, Jay.

Cräbgräšš said...

If we aren't allowed to push him off his car, there'll be stick swinging before you can say "support the troops".

Now you kids out there, listen to me, DON'T swing your sticks.

Love, Grapes

David said...

That's not hockey.

Love, Howie Meeker

E in MD said...

Love, Grapes

By Blogger Cräbgräšš, at 12:45 PM



LuLu said...

What? Are you some kind of non-hockey watching heathen, e, that you are unaware of the infamous Canadian blowhard Don Cherry aka Grapes?

Don't worry ... you're not missing anything special.

Ti-Guy said...

A visual aid for our friend from Merry Land.

David said...

A second visual aid.

Patrick Ross said...

"Isn't it interesting how some one who moderates comments at his blog loves to show up here and talk smack completely unencumbered? It must be a very freeing sensation for Patrick; no doubt, he feels as giddy as a school girl."

Hmmmmm. That's interesting.

Yeah, I certainly remember how this blog is a bastion of free speech.

At least at my blog only the most insipid (hi, Kevvy!) garbage gets rejected. Now, if only you could say the same...

Whatta bunch of clowns.

CC said...

Wow, Patsy ... your evidence that I'm a ruthless censor is that I once canned your ass for having become a tedious dumbfuck in July of 2007, is that it?

And then you suggest that you censor only "the most insipid garbage?" I'm amazed that your head didn't explode from the pure irony of it all. Seriously.

Now why don't you toddle on home and stop trying to bump up your hit count by blogwhoring here? That's a good little whackjob.

Patrick Ross said...

Really, Cynic. Now, I have no doubt that "fuck you and your grief" was one of your proudest moments, but toi lecturing moi about insipid?

Yeah, my head just might explode.

(What a clown.)

As I recall, Cynic, you issued some sort of challenge in this blog post.

I addressed it.

Now are you going to ante up, or are you going to fold your cards?