Saturday, January 19, 2008

There's obsessed, and then there's just plain creepy.

Someone definitely needs to let go just a wee bit, as Blogging Tory and Stephen Taylor ideological compatriot "Neo Conservative" barfs up another mouth-breathing screed, to which a non-registered blogger who goes by the handle of "not k-k-kevron" responds:

"I got nuthin'."

how 'bout "cunt"?



at which point Neo digs out the only comeback he's got.

To recap, then:

  • Neo writes something typically stupid,

  • A commenter who has nothing whatsoever to do with regular CC commenter "KEvron" stops by there and makes an utterly irrelevant comment, at which point ...

  • ... Neo, for no apparent reason and utterly unprovoked by anyone over here at CC HQ, takes his obligatory and infantile swing at me.

There's something distinctly unhealthy about the fixation you have for me, Neo. Really, do I invade your dreams at night and cause you to wake in a cold sweat wondering when the next savagely witty smackdown is going to come?

Seriously, this is getting a bit worrisome. I'd seek help if I were you.

: Apparently, that was KEvron, just yanking Neo's chain, so I'll retract that part of my post. But it doesn't take away from the fact that Neo is so easily provoked by someone who has no official connection to CC HQ in any way.

Maybe I should start holding Neo responsible for what his regular commenters post on other blogs. Or I could act like a grown-up. Decisions, decisions ...


KEvron said...

next stop: wapo!


LuLu said...

CC, don't worry - it's just an inappropriate man-crush. His sock puppet constantly slavers over my shoes ... why do you think I've refrained from posting a pic of my new boots?

KEvron said...

finer point: yes, that was me. i've said before that whenever i do deviate from my typical signature, i make it painfully obvious that it is, indeed, me behind the comment. the sockpuppetry is a game neo-cunt and i play together. at his insistance, of course.


Ti-Guy said...

Or I could act like a grown-up. Decisions, decisions ...

I've already raised children. Becoming parental or avuncular to childish miseries like Cacademia (who, for all we know, might be older than we are) is the last thing I'm looking to do.

LuLu said...

Act like a grown-up? Seriously?

If that's part of the job description here we've got problems 'cause I'm sooooo not up for that ... Besides, I'll put our level of maturity up against the Ass Monkey's any day.

KEvron said...

"just yanking Neo's chain"

having observed neo-cunt's method of "discourse", grab-ass is all i'm willing to offer that fuckhead.

and, boy, am i willing....