Monday, January 14, 2008

Do I repeat myself? Very well, then, I repeat myself.

Yes, it's flogging a dead neo-con dumbass but, really, I'm never going to get tired of pointing out the hysterically funny meltdown of The Politic's "Matthew," who posted something jaw-droppingly idiotic, challenged (nay, demanded) his readers to take him up on it, at which point they did. In spades. With steel-toed work boots.

Really, Matthew's relentless dumbfuckitude is painfully obvious from the very title and opening sentence of his alleged rebuttal:

Talk About Hate Speech

"Hate speech," Matthew? I don't think so. When you brazenly post something as historically and scientifically ignorant as your original piece and suggest your readers don't have the grapes to take you on, and they respond with, "Holy fuck, Matthew, but you are an imbecile and let me explain why in painful detail," well, that's not "hate speech," that's you getting your ass handed to you for being a dumb shit.

And the intellectual dishonesty continues with Matthew's opening sentence:

I’m going to make this post in a nice point form format, to assist our visitor friends from Canadian Cynic’s echo chamber:

Which, as sentient readers will realize, is a hideous lie since I'm guessing Matthew's original bit of dumbfuckitude got way more readers from PZ's site than from mine, but admitting that would purely ruin a good talking point so Matthew lied about it.

(Oooooh, bonus ... even PZ has a followup, I'm guessing to make sure that there won't be a person left in the English-speaking world that won't know what kind of hideous retard and intellectual coward Matthew is.)

In any event, I could go on but what's the point? Matthew mouthed off with something unbelievably stupid, he got kicked from one end of town to the other for it and, in response, rather than take his lumps like an honest little fuckwit, he proceeded to whine on about how his critics are just really, really mean people who use bad words.

Here's a thought, Matthew -- when you finally grow up and are ready to participate in actual, intellectual discourse, hey, we're right here. Until then, you might want to restrict your activities to hanging out in Kate McMillan's comments section and sniffing panties. Because -- and trust me when I say this, Matthew -- you are so not ready for anything more challenging.

AFTERSNARK: Ti-guy (apparently properly pronounced "tee-guy" or "throat warbler mangrove") makes a salient observation in the comments section:

These little pishers love nothing better than to annoy people.

Precisely, and I've lost count of the number of times I've read some jackass of a Canadian wingnut following up a number of critical comments with something like, "Wow! It sure it easy to get those deranged leftards upset, har har har!! Is this fun or what?" So it's all sport and entertainment and a jolly good time until they get buried under an avalanche of justifiable, educated outrage, at which point it's all Full Metal Persecution Complex and leftists are all mean and use nasty words and Mommy, please make the bad people stop.

Most people outgrow that kind of weaselly, hypocritical whining by the time they're eight years old. And for those who don't -- well, there's always the Blogging Tories, isn't there?


thwap said...

We can take some solace in the fact that he's probably cried a couple of times since this all started.


Ti-Guy said...

I doubt it. These little pishers love nothing better than to annoy people. Why else would he have followed up that aggressively dumb post with one characterising his critics as purveyors of "hate speech."

I'm surprised he didn't call us all anti-semites.

thwap said...

Ah, but that assumes the moron wasn't proud of his little bogus insight, and is now therefore mortified by the glaringly obvious extent of his error.

Annoying behaviour a-la his puerile comeback, that's second nature, but I won't give these idiots the benefit of the doubt, thinking that they're only deliberately trying to yank our chains.

"Matt" truly thought he'd said something profound, and he was forced to realize he'd only (once again) barfed up a steaming stew of rancid shit. He cried a couple of times, trust me.


Ti-Guy said...

but I won't give these idiots the benefit of the doubt, thinking that they're only deliberately trying to yank our chains.

Well, it's not all they're doing, but it's a big part of what motivates them. I have to believe that, because the alternative is just too depressing...that this aggressive, confrontational stupidity (remember, he challenged his detractors to come and get him) is something these people think is reasonable.

It's just so...brownshirty.