Friday, December 21, 2007

Random thoughts on awards contests and political agendas.

As a public service, I'm going to holster the invective (sort of) for a bit, and wax philosophical on this whole Canadian Blog Awards fiasco, in part to explain why, as it was designed, it was doomed to failure from the very beginning. Saskboy, pay attention -- I'm not doing this to beat up on you any further, I'm doing it so you can understand why this meltdown was absolutely inevitable.

In the nuttiest of nutshells, SB, the CBAs were bound to collapse for one painfully simple reason -- you were going to allow Canada's conservatives to participate. And as I will explain in horrific detail, that was the fatal flaw since, quite simply, anything those people touch turns to shit. Every time. Without exception. As you have now learned.

There is a reason that Canada's wingnuts shouldn't be allowed near anything of value, and that's because they will wreck it every time, and the CBAs are no exception. Most of us -- the sane ones -- will look at something like the CBAs and think, "Cool. A way to recognize and reward the creme de la creme of the blogosphere." And we would proceed accordingly. So far, so good.

The wingnut contingent, on the other hand, would look at the CBAs and think, "Cool. A way to ram our political and ideological agenda down everyone's throat through carefully-choreographed and relentless freeping." See the difference, SB? Because that's (kind of) what happened here.

If you haven't noticed by now, those on the Right are nakedly and perpetually political. About everything. They can't look at something as simple as an awards contest and see it for just that. Instead, they see it as a way to score points. Don't believe me? It's easy enough to prove.

Remember the Beaver's online poll to determine the "worst Canadian?" One might think it would have been interesting to know what Canadians thought about that, except we never got a chance to find out, did we, given the right-wing freeping driven in part by people like stupid cunt SUZANNE Fortin. In short, a potentially interesting experiment trashed by right-wing assholes.

Another example? How about the CBC's "Great Canadian Wish List," which suffered the same fate. Once again, an online poll whose results might have been interesting and enlightening. And, once again, turned to shit by whiny, right-wing pissants who simply cannot abide the thought of not trashing someone else's time and effort in order to score political points. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

And this tediously political view on everything isn't limited to Canada, oh no. Some of you might recall George W. Bush's former Faith Czar John DiIulio, who had this to say about Commander Chimpy's administration after he finally escaped:

"There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: a complete lack of a policy apparatus," says DiIulio. "What you’ve got is everything—and I mean everything—being run by the political arm. It’s the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis."

No. Shit.

And now you're starting to understand why the CBAs were screwed from the very beginning. What's amusing is that stupid cunt SUZANNE didn't even have the grace to let the contest start before slithering over and dumping a steaming turd in the middle of it, whining about how she didn't like the categories. To which the proper response, SB, would have been, "Stick a fucking sock in it, you cow!" Sadly, though, you didn't think fast enough, hence the shitstorm you now find yourself in the middle of.

In closing, then, Saskboy, there's really only one way you can run a fair and meaningful awards contest -- you can't let Canada's right-wing nutbars anywhere near it. Seriously, if you allow them to participate, they will fuck it up, because that's what they do. They have no interest in playing nice, and they have no interest in actually learning anything. What they want is to take what's yours, and break it, even if there's no value in it for them. They are irredeemably stupid and vicious people, and if you give them the chance, they will fuck you over and wreck what you've worked so hard on.

I think we're done here.


Ti-Guy said...

Did SUZANNE!!! get a chance to nominate an anti-feminist blog? I was so looking forward to her submitting Paul Bernardo's for consideration.

Red Tory said...

That might be, but it’s hardly realistic, now is it? SB & Co. could hardly exclude conservatives from the contest otherwise they would have been screaming blue bloody murder to the high heavens about “those whiny, gutless liberals” or some such thing, giving the whole affair even more of a political taint. Not to mention the fact that Stephen Taylor is one of the organizers…

You can’t really blame Suzie-all-caps for taking issue with the suggestion that there be a category for “feminists” given her well-known anti-feminist, “pro-life” stance. Remember, this blow-up wasn’t really against the categories as originally set out by the folks organizing the CBA, but came about as a result of a suggestion by another blogger who felt the categories were lacking and new category should be added for feminists. Probably the best compromise would have been to have gone with Scott Tribe’s suggestion for a new category called “Women’s Issues” but that was rejected for some reason that escapes understanding. I don’t know that you can really say that SB capitulated to SUZANNE and her So-Con droogs, but I guess that’s a matter of opinion.

As for freeping, unfortunately it’s by no means an exclusively right-wing phenomenon. I’ve seen plenty of instances of Kossacks engaging in the same behaviour and even “libertarians” (Ron Paul’s supporters are notorious for this). Atrios has been known to unleash his own hordes of flying monkeys on freeping missions from time to time. So, let’s not get too precious on that point. I offered SB a suggestion as to how he could avoid having the polls freeped, but he hasn’t bothered to respond. Maybe I’m persona non grata by association.

In any event, don’t you think this particular horse has been flayed to death now?

ALW said...

Oh come on CC. It's awfully convenient that your thesis that all conservatives are insane can’t be rebutted, since any protest I make can be safely dismissed as coming from a whackjob. Are you listening to yourself? Do you seriously mean to tell me you’ve never heard a reasonable argument, from any conservative ever, in your entire life? Did it not occur to any of the regular participants in the discussion here that if you were to expose some truly non-political, unbiased observers to the kinds of stuff said here, they’d be just as likely to say the precise same things about you that you’re saying about conservatives? And that goes double for the profanity.

Nevermind, I am sure RT or ti-guy will just make some dismissive remark so you can all go back to bitching again.

KEvron said...


friendly advice: next year, you determine the catagories yourself in advance, and anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to play.

tough break, catching all this flak. roll with 'em, bub.


Ti-Guy said...

Nevermind, I am sure RT or ti-guy will just make some dismissive remark so you can all go back to bitching again.

That's baiting/trolling Aaron. You're inviting retaliation.

Sparky said...

alw--point me to a conservative blog worth reading.
point out someone who is willing to debate the actual issues and isn't so firmly ensconsed in their own little 'righty' world...
I haven't happened across one yet.
I don't mind hte profanity, or watever else. What I do mind is someone who is so blinded to anything outside their own little worldview. And that about wraps it up for BT's and other 'conservative' bloggers--you make a contrary point at any time, and the swarm just plows you into the ground with name calling and such. Not once have I seen any 'civil' debate about real issues on a conservative blog that didn't tumble into blathering.
So show me.
I'll wait, though I won't be holding my breath.

LuLu said...

It's awfully convenient that your thesis that all conservatives are insane can’t be rebutted, since any protest I make can be safely dismissed as coming from a whackjob.

If the passive-agressive whackjob fits ...

KEvron said...


the defining characteristic.

eff "reasonable"; just show us one who isn't pa, aaron.


Ti-Guy said...

I think James Bow considers himself a conservative; his is the only decent blog I can think of. I don't think there's a decent conservative blog among the Teh Boggin' Torees; any that were disassociated themselves from the aggregator in the last few years.

In any case, it's the "conservative" commenters I can't's mostly always the same wide boys, mean girls, screaming meemies and perennial cranks everywhere you go.

dirk buchholz said...

The point is,whether one admits it or not, freeping will skew or make the results pretty much irrelevant.In categories as broad as "Best Blog",this is beyond doubt.
There is no way around the fact. that the results have very little bearing on the quality or worthiness of a particular blog.
That's not opinion,that's a fact.
As I have said before the categories have to be as specific as possible.So as not to have a SDA going against say Red Tory of Cnd Cynic,apples and oranges.
Also the refusal on part of the CBA to allow for a "feminist" or "womens issue" category is bizarre.Feminist/women issues blogs are very common in the blog sphere.Why would you not want to encourage their participation ?
Ditch the "Best Blog" and alongside of the categories ,"conservatives","progressive" and "non-partisan" include a "liberal" and "environmental" category.

KEvron said...

"catagories"?! oof....


Red Tory said...

Nevermind, I am sure RT or ti-guy will just make some dismissive remark so you can all go back to bitching again.

Oh, boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! There, are you happy now?

Aaron’s remark is kind of funny seeing I was chiding CC for making this umpteenth post on a subject that, as Deiter used to say, “has become tiresome,” and also pointing out that he was, in my opinion, being quite unreasonable and unfair in many respects.

But then along comes Aaron to demonstrate in his own inimitable way that practically every right-wing commenter/blogger is, in fact, a moronic douchebag and that CC’s scathing observations and vitriolic invective are not really all that misplaced.

Way to go Aaron!

Saskboy said...

I didn't bother reading CC's blather past the farcical notion that *I* exclude *Conservative* bloggers, as if it's my place to ignore the fact that there are more than a hundred reasonably well read (if not well written) Blogging Tories and probably thousands of unaligned conservatives blogging in this country.

"So, let’s not get too precious on that point. I offered SB a suggestion as to how he could avoid having the polls freeped, but he hasn’t bothered to respond. Maybe I’m persona non grata by association. "
I didn't reply, but thank you for the suggestion I think we're going with it. Would you like your name added to the list of volunteers for your contribu'tory' effort?

lenny said...

"Oh come on CC. It's awfully convenient that your thesis that all conservatives are insane can’t be rebutted, since any protest I make can be safely dismissed as coming from a whackjob."

If we're talking about Blogging Tories, I think only some are insane. But they're almost all stupid, liars, stupid liars. Then there's the 3 triple crowners - insane stupid liars. For example:


Actually, I can't think of one that doesn't couple that trait with at least one of the others.

Stupid liar:

Insane stupid liar:

Cherniak_WTF said...

I didn't bother reading CC's blather past the farcical notion that *I* exclude *Conservative* bloggers
So why even comment? Fuck another blogger going off half-cocked...

Just shows that you have reached a conclusion and rather typical of assmonkey bloggers....

Red Tory said...

SB — No, that's fine, but thanks for the offer. I hope that works out for you. It should eliminate what was one of the most irksome objections people had to the exercise. Just trying to be a good "netizen."

pogge said...

SB & Co. could hardly exclude conservatives from the contest

The Canadian Blog Awards that are under discussion are the same awards originally run by Robert MacLelland and were always intended to cover the whole political spectrum as well as non-political blogs. But that wouldn't prevent someone from running a more elaborate version of the Lefty blog awards, similar to the Koufax awards that were run in the U.S. from '02 to '06. Of course that would require one or more people to step forward and volunteer to do the work. Based on what I've seen in the last few days, it sure wouldn't be me.

Saskboy said...

"Based on what I've seen in the last few days, it sure wouldn't be me."

Me neither POGGE. And not just because I'd see it as nearly pointless duplication, which could potentially wear out bloggers to even the idea of having their address and name submitted to a site where voting would eventually happen.

That said, I think the CBAs would link to any Canadian blog award that an organization wanted to run in parallel to ours. It would just be the most basic good neighbour gesture.

So with CC winding down his 5ish post on the awards he doesn't care about, I wish him and his loyal band of merry mistrals a Happy Christmas Stuffed with good times.

Saskboy said...

Whoops, I should use a dickshunary for those fancy wurds.

Ti-Guy said...

"Mistrals" was more poetic.

CC said...

Um ... folks? When I suggested that Canada's cons be prevented from getting their Cheeto-stained little mitts anywhere near the awards, I was being slightly hyperbolic.

My point was simply that, if you do something like this, progressives by and large will play nice and follow the rules because they genuinely want it to work and they're sincerely interested in the outcome.

Whingers, on the other hand (as you've seen from experience) will bitch and moan and piss and whine and just plain fuck things up to make their point, and the only time they're happy is when they're making a mess of everything.

Are we clear now? Thank you.

pretty shaved ape said...

hey saskboy, i gather you think the repetition of happy christmas is a clever snipe with all of your get stuffings but it is really a cheap and sleazy act. so in all sincerity, without being cute, go fuck yourself. you've made it eminently clear what you think of this blog, of cc, myself and (maybe perhaps) lulu. you pissed your own bed, go lie in it.

you have willfully ignored every positive word that has come from our camp, choosing instead to piss and moan about posses and crap. and how dare we keep covering what happens to be a story that is of great interest to the blogosphere. gosh more than one article, in fact 6 of the last 28 posted here, by three authors, had to do with this ongoing slo-mo train wreck, how mean of us. thing is, part of our stock in trade is point at idiots and mock them. your floundering and stupidity have warranted increasing mockery and inspired decreasing respect.

in the space of a few days i have been maneuvered from a position of 'give him a chance, he's trying to do something good' to 'fuck him and the awards he rode in on'. way to go, jackass.

Saskboy said...

"how dare we keep covering what happens to be a story that is of great interest to the blogosphere"

It's of increasing interest to only a tiny subset of the blogosphere, and only because it's yet another chance to take a faux moral highground, and insult someone previously not insulted. The vast majority of bloggers could give a hoot about the unjustified level of outrage shown both here and on some blogs. I've gone from 0 to the "biggest asshat in Canada" as one person blogger calls it. Wow, I surpassed Stephen Harper in a matter of days! I guess Harper isn't all that bad eh, if a random blogger can surpass the significance of the PM by co-running a blog awards? Or maybe I didn't start from 0 after all? Or maybe there are more people being hyperbolic than just CC?


CC "progressives by and large will play nice and follow the rules"

And if they don't like the rules, and suggest different ones that aren't quickly accepted they cease to play nice, eh? Your partisanship on this subject is less than welcome by rational thinking people. I know insulting hyperbole is your gimmick, but in this case I think I'm quite justified in asking you to Get Stuffed.

Cherniak_WTF said...

Wow Saskboy, it you've turned into a total cretin in less than 2 days...

You keep on digging into that hole... give it up already peebag...
You still have a way to go, but with more time and less effort you too can be as stupid as dr roy...

LuLu said...

Saskboy, I know you'll take this in the worst possible way because that seems to be your thing ... but you really need to shut the fuck up. You've taken a bad situation and made it infinitely worse than it needed to be with your passive-agressive victim act. Get over yourself already.

Saskboy said...

LuLu, I'm just having the most fun in a bad situation that I can possibly have. If you think I'm taking it in the "worst possible way", maybe it's because you don't understand me at all. If you haven't been enjoying my "passive-agressive victim act" then I invite you too to Get Stuffed.

James Bow said...

"I think James Bow considers himself a conservative"

Centrist, actually. Yes, I get knocked down by traffic coming in both directions, but think of the interesting people I get to meet. :-)

Saskboy said...

I know what you mean about both ways James. This time I must have stumbled into the left hand lane, but usually it's the 'rights' in their SUVs that hit me.

Ti-Guy said...

Centrist, actually.

That's more of a political perspective. I'm thinking "true conservative," but I wouldn't presume to make that assessment.

James Bow said...

Fair enough.

Paul MacDonald said...

Well, I sure hope someone doesn't tell P.Z. Myers that screwing with online polls to promote an agenda (one I agree with, for the record) is a bad thing. I guess when PZ does it to forward the Theory of Evolution and skew stuff in favour of Atheism, it's just the left givin' the ignorant right a lesson. When the tables are turned we get sour grapes.

There's no such thing as an interesting or enlightening online poll. There are no controls, therefore making it a useless experiment.