Friday, December 14, 2007

Pay no attention to that hypocrisy behind the curtain.

Shorter Canadian Shriek-o-sphere: "It's absolutely outrageous that the purity and integrity of the Commons committee process has been violated by this sort of sleazy manipulation. Um ... hang on, wrong link. Ah, there we go. Now, where was I?"


Wayne said...

The first link was an alleged document.

The second link appears to be the CBC scripting their news stories, while useing Liberal MPs to do so.

Ones real on is not.

Red Tory said...

Good grief, Wayne is stupid.


You have to savour this comment from Taylor's blog:

the only thing I ever listen to on CBC and that is CBC Radio is Cross Country Checkup. I think rex murphy is the only conservative on the panel or the only unbiast one. I also watch CBC sports like H.N.I.C and love watching coaches corner cause they can't mussle Don Cherry it drives CBC crazy. I usually though watch fox news and I like watching the oreilly factor. if Canada had a fox news we would need someone like David Frum.
who is a Canadian and knows about Canadian politics.
Roy | 12.13.07 - 10:51 pm

Drooling morons, the lot of them.

M@ said...

Yes, yes, Wayne, we all know the Conservatives were all about making government work when they were the minority, and weren't at all blocking government work through committees.

Don't you have some stenography work to do or something?

toujoursdan said...

He may be stupid but he has assembled an astounding collection of half-truths and pseudo-science on climate change. Where was he when the tobacco industry needed him?

The Seer said...

Maybe if Sandra would let ministers talk to the press, the CBC wouldn't have to slip questions under the doors of committee rooms.

Red Tory said...

LOL. I think he was "farming"... or so he claims.

The hair-pulling paroxysms of outrage and indignation amongst the usual suspects over at the BTs about this CBC thing is pretty hilarious, especially so when last night I was watching Andrew Coyne, Chantal.H├ębert, Peter Mansbridge and some fellow from the Vancouver Sun all chortling with a certain amount of justifiable delight at the fact the Liberals in Quebec were essentially a moribund political force (have been for years and likely will be for many more to come). Somehow that whole “Liberal war room” that Dr. Roy has concocted in his imagination wasn’t much in evidence.