Monday, December 17, 2007

From the Department of "Well, duh!"

Awwwwww ... those rare moments of lucidity are always so adorable, aren't they? I believe this is just the beginning.


Ti-Guy said...

They're not moments of lucidity. It's just a shill sensing which way the wind is blowing and covering his ass. In Frum's own words:

(Rightly) aghast at the abuse of expertise by liberal judges, liberal bureaucrats and liberal academics, we have sometimes over-reacted by denying the importance of expertise altogether.

Whatever abuses he's talking about, I recall no careful, thoughtful, scientific analysis of said abuses. All there ever was were suggestions of conspiracy and accusations of "spiritual corruption." It all amounts to one, big, neo-con lie.

Frum cannot be redeemed, and if he had any sense, he'd start training for a skilled trade now. The pool of wingnut sugar-daddies will most likely dry up soon.

thwap said...

For Frum to speak about the incompetence of others, ... it's staggering.

Besides penning mildly articulate generalities praising some idiotic right-wing fantasy world, what else can he do?


If he'd only look in the mirror, he'd see that everyone inside the "big tent" of the conservative movement is a complete imbecile. Not just the Christian fanatics who support Huckabee.

Ti-Guy said...

Besides penning mildly articulate generalities praising some idiotic right-wing fantasy world, what else can he do?

I heard he can hold a lipstick between his man-boobs and apply it to his lips.

Everyone has to be good at at least one thing, right?

Christ, if were at least good-looking (that mouth is way too big) or was known to be a good singer or a cook, or had a flair for interior decorating, or played a sport or...

Red Tory said...

Shall we just start calling these epiphanies "Noonans" (a la "Friedman units").

Ex: "Uh-oh, looks like Krauthammer's had a Noonan."

Ti-Guy said...

I actually think Nooners has real epiphanies. She's so insensate and addled I'm sure she has epiphanies about technology every time the freezer light goes on when she opens it to get the Stolichnaya...which is many, many, many times a day.

These guys are just liars whose time is running out.

CC said...


I believe the proper term shall be to have a "Noonan moment."

Red Tory said...

Agreed. Much better.

E in MD said...

Where are these liberal judges I keep hearing about? I'd like to meet one. Are they kept in museums next to the statues of adam riding a brontosaur?

the rev. said...

Rodents scurrying off the good ship GW Bush