Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exposing anti-conservative bias: Because it's the right thing to do.

In the festive, holiday spirit of Canada's retards conservatives who simply want to identify blatant, Canadian left-wing media bias, I believe we should all pitch in to make this the bestest bias exposer ever. And, personally, I believe CC co-blogger LuLu should, without wasting any time, submit this example, where we can all read the unacceptable leftist slant to that recent development:

A spot check on Nov. 19 prompted the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to order the reactor in eastern Ontario shut down because no emergency power was hooked up for the cooling pumps, a potential hazard during emergencies such as earthquakes.

While Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn said he didn't know about the issue until two weeks later, on Dec. 3, CBC News has learned that an e-mail was sent to Lunn's office on Nov. 29 detailing the problems.

I believe I speak for us all when I say that this is clearly an appalling breach of the public trust on the part of the CBC -- to outright accuse a member of the Stephen Harper Party of Canada of presenting inaccurate information. This absolutely cannot be allowed to stand; otherwise, who knows where this might lead -- more reporting, more investigation, more uncomplimentary articles. Good God, without proper media controls, we run the risk of, oh, horrific, anti-CPoC news pieces like this from the rancid, communist Toronto Star.

Therefore, I urge all of my regular readers to scour the Canadian media, and ferret out any and all articles that portray the Conservative Party of Canada in a less than positive way, and document such atrocities in the comments section here.

Because only you can prevent liberal media bias.


Ti-Guy said...

The discussion on bias ended when Stephen Colbert affirmed that to conservatives, "facts" have a liberal bias.

Check out James Bow's excellent post on the issue here.

Red Tory said...

Excellent post by Bow! Just brilliant. Not much left to say after that. Although I see Sandy is still pedalling her "I've written about anti-liberal bias" line of crap over there too. Pathetic.

Cherniak_WTF said...

From the National Embarassment:
However, an internal government analysis of Mr. Dion's spending plans, obtained by the National Post, suggests that when Canadians take a closer look at what the Liberals are proposing, they may decide the country can ill afford to be run by a man one of his Liberal leadership rivals once confided "couldn't balance a cheque book."

Funny how a right-wing "obtains" this kind of document all the time...