Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Heh. Indeed.

AFTERSNARK: Behold ... the mind-numbing delusion.


Dr.Dawg said...

There's an old joke: man walks into a psychiatrist's office, snapping his fingers. After a few minutes of that, the psychiatrist asks, "Why are you doing this?" Man answers, "To keep the elephants away." "Hey," says the shrink, "there aren't any elephants within miles of here!" "Works pretty well, eh?" the man responds.

Keep it up, Bush. Yup, sanctions work pretty well, eh?

E in MD said...

Having the knowledge to make a bomb is not the same as having the skill and material to make it.

Hell you can get the knowledge to make a bomb in 10 minutes of internet searching. I'm sure Iran can handle that. But it's not like slapping together an erector set.

Bush is a warmonger. Bottom line all this bullshit is just so much window dressing.