Monday, November 19, 2007

Yeah, about that "transparency" thing ...

Business as usual in Harperville:

The Business of War
Analysis suggests that a warlord has been awarded contracts worth $11 million

OTTAWA -- The Defence Department is keeping secret the names of dozens of companies that received almost $42 million worth of contracts in Afghanistan.

However, an analysis by CanWest News Service suggests that more than $1.1 million in business has been awarded to an Afghan company that bears the same name as one of Kandahar's most infamous warlords.

Citing national security concerns, the Defence Department has blanked out the names of all vendors from an internal database of contracts released under Access to Information. The contracts cover services ranging from hauling gravel to supplying specialized communications equipment and toilet paper.

The censorship is only one example of the growing trend toward secrecy that appears to be enveloping the Canadian Forces as it expands its use of civilian contractors.

This persists despite pledges by the Harper government to improve accountability and transparency, a key plank of the platform that brought the Conservative party to power nearly two years ago.

"But .. but ... but ... the Liberals!!"

I just thought I'd save Stephen Taylor the trouble.

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