Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hey, a man's gotta know his limitations.

Shorter At Home in Hespeler: "In order to honour our courageous troops overseas, it is vitally important to leave no act of symbolism unexploited. Well, short of actually enlisting, that is. I mean, come on."

SMALL TASTELESS CRETINS: And what better way to show one's appreciation for Canada's military than to desecrate their favourite poem?

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses row on row,

That mark our place; and in The Star

The Left, still aching for surrender, ply

Their scorn, amid the columns' row.

Kate McMillan: Because when it's a choice between honouring veterans and taking a cheap shot at the Left, well, that's pretty much the definition of a "no-brainer" over at SDA, isn't it?

OH, THIS IS PRECIOUS: Even Kate's normally adoring and sycophantic commenters are wincing a bit at Kate's lack of grace, to wit:

I would offer the comment that it is a rather inoportune time to play around with Lieutenant Colonel McCrea"s wonderful and much loved poem...


Kate, I agree with BCer about the inappropriateness of modifying the poem at this time...

Mark R

To which Kate, not having the sense God gave a urinal deodoriser disc, responds with the weirdly irrelevant non sequitur:

Inappropriateness is the point.

Well, of course it is, Kate; that would be your defense, then, would it? So if I take it upon myself to describe Ms. McMillan as a stupid, graceless cunt and my regular readers take me to task for being a misogynistic asshole, my obvious dismissive retort should be, "Well, misogynistic assholism is the point, isn't it?"

Man, that is so going to cut down on future debating time, wouldn't you say?

: Hey, kids ... look who shows up in Kate's comments section to cover her back: It's child sex obsessive and NAMBLA groupie Richard Evans, drawing a creepily-inappropriate analogy:

I think you candyasses need to grow up and grab a brain. TorStar struck first and Kate struck back in a manner designed to make you think while highlighting the absurdity of the TorStar cartoon.

Though it may be painful for you to think objectively about what TorStar just did, you have to. No matter what freakin' day it is.

And there you have it -- the Toronto Star perhaps went a bit over the line going after Stephen Harper; therefore, Kate is free to respond in kind(?) by insulting Canada's veterans.

And all of this on "Canada's Best Blog." I can just imagine the unintentional hilarity as new readers show up at Kate's place, musing, "Hmmm ... Weblog Awards' "Best Canadian Blog", I wonder what sort of stuff ... Jesus Fucking Christ, what an offensive, despicable douchebag!!"

As if our international reputation wasn't already enough in the tank.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Lord, this really is the stupid that never stops as Dick Evans -- who aggressively defends the desecration of the poem above -- is the same total Dickhead who so hypocritically fakes a whole truckload of piety and sympathy here.

You folks are lucky I'm not charging for all this entertainment.


M@ said...

It's nice to have a poem parsed for easy digestion -- I won't use the term "interpreted", because that's implying some stuff that just isn't going on here.

It's funny, though. Back in the old Leftist English Classes, we used to compare stuff like Wilfred Owen to stuff like Tennyson and note how powerful war poetry had become when it dropped the empty metaphor and valiant bullshit and went for cold, hard, personal reality.

And McCrae is a bit of a conundrum; for a while he is right there with the best of them, right there on the battlefield. Then he's got the Torch and the Quarrel and we're right back with early Rupert Brooke and it's all just more propaganda.

So, I'm on side with you, CC. People who talk about Our Quarrel with the Foe are using pretty words where a little actual thought would do a lot of good. I don't necessarily have a problem with sending our military overseas; I have a real problem with doing it if we're asking them to risk their lives and all we're giving them is empty metaphors in return.

I haven't read the "inspirational" article by D'Souza but I'm thinking I'll be even more annoyed when I do.

Red Tory said...

People like Brian who swoon over the puerile bally-ho nonsense of McCrae, Brooke and other such Edwardian twits are pathetic.

M@ said...

That's the thing -- they just need to question their assumptions, any of them. I noticed something about how the troops were "trained" -- trained to walk in a line, yes. Trained to climb a ladder when a whistle blew, yes. Trained not to be shot by a machinegun, though? Er, not so much.

It's funny that these guys have determined that the problem is that not enough people are dying in addition to those who have already died. The idea of having fewer people die overall -- or of considering carefully what these guys are dying for -- never even enters what passes for their minds.

Hateful, soulless people, the lot of them.

Red Tory said...

We should always question our assumptions when it comes to war. It's a shame that more don't and instead blindly accept the deceitful tropes of modern revisionists as justification for continuing failures of the imagination.

Paladiea said...

Bwahahaha! The idiocy is truly funny.

Kate and Richard are morons.

Ti-Guy said...

I love how war gives these cretins the gravitas they could never have on their, by enlisting, for example.

jj said...

"So if I take it upon myself to describe Ms. McMillan as a stupid, graceless cunt and my regular readers take me to task for being a misogynistic asshole,..."
The only argument this female (feminist) regular reader would have is that I'd add "despicable douchebag" to your description.

The Seer said...

What an exhausting morning! I just had tofind out what the Toronto Star did orsaidthatcould have sparked such outrage. Finally,I guess Ifound the answer right here on Obviously, the PM was misquoted. Can't someone explain to these people that the Toronto Star is a "family newspaper" and simply cannot print "PM to cities: Go fuck yourselves."

Chimera said...

"So if I take it upon myself to describe Ms. McMillan as a stupid, graceless cunt and my regular readers take me to task for being a misogynistic asshole..."

No task-taking from me, CC. In fact, I may quote you. Often.

But I want to point out that men and women fought for her right to be a stupid, graceless cunt and a despicable douchebag (thank you, JJ!). She's simply taking advantage of the situation, is all. As is her wont.

Richard said...

I offered a truce but you couldn't leave well enough alone. No problem. I've added another $250.00 to the kitty:

M@ said...

You know what? I'm in, too. I'll pledge an additional $250 for Richard's "Expose CC" fund. Richard, please update your total accordingly.

Is no one else willing to join in Richard's Expose CC Pledge Drive? Can we get a bowl-a-thon going too, maybe?

Wayne said...

"Hateful, soulless people, the lot of them." The sums up the left quite nice m@.

"Edwardian twits" what makes your thoughts so great Red Tory? How quite fucking arrogant of you.

M@ said...

Oh -- Wayne, how extremely clever of you! Do you all see what he did? He took my words and asserted that they were true -- but that they meant the exact opposite of their intended meaning!

I hope everyone caught that because it's really quite subtle and intellectual. Read Wayne's comment a few times to make sure you get it.

Clever! Gosh! And so funny. Well done, Wayne. Well done.

counter-coulter said...

CC: It's child sex obsessive and NAMBLA groupie Richard Evans,...

I have noticed that Mr. Evans tends to use the "candyass" phrase quite a bit when deriding others (such as RT).

That seems such an odd phrase to use so consistently. I'm sure that Freud would have a couple of things to say about Mr. Evans' obessions and use of phrases.