Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Time to reap the whirlwind, eh, Dick?

I know -- really, I know -- that I should be a bigger man and just leave this alone but, well, you'll see why that just wasn't gonna happen. Behold, the amusing, new spamiliciousness of Richard Evans' blog, "Let Litigiousness Reign":

And why would I give a crap that Dick is now unintentionally hawking erectile dysfunction drugs? Maybe it's because of this just a bit further down that same web page:

Yes, the fact that Dick is now promoting boner pills is somehow my fault, which gives me the opportunity to make a few observations, to wit:

  • I had nothing to do with that hack, directly or indirectly.

  • I have never, ever encouraged anyone to perform that kind of online vandalism.

  • I most emphatically do not approve of that sort of thing, even against someone as loathsome, vile, bigoted and child sex-obsessed as Richard Evans. So if anyone is doing that on my behalf, well, just knock it off. Are we clear?

And now, having said all that, I will suggest that, having defamed me, tried to out me, put a $500 bounty on my head and threatened to drag me into court, I don't really see that Dick has any moral high ground here to be bitching about anything.

Reap what you sow, Dick. I don't approve of that bit of vandalism but, really, given your recent behaviour, it's not like I'm going to lose any sleep over it. When you make an entire blogging career of promoting hate and threatening people, you can't really bitch and moan when someone finally has enough and decides to have some fun with you.


thwap said...

I just noticed that shit-assed cartoon running on Rick's shit-assed blog.

I've seen that strip before (Is it firedoglake that parodies it?) but the particular one at Evans's place struck me.

For some reason, Glenn Greenwald has this colourful, yet succint, writing style that gets to the heart of the matter and devastates whatever stupid right-wing talking-point he's dealing with.

As such, Greenwald has gotten a lot of readers, and has become very effective at challenging the bush II regime, US media elite, and the right-wing generally.

So of course, they have to try to destroy him. But of course, the fact that they're all really, really, really laughably stupid, means they have no weaponry other than empty, ad-hominems such as that stupid cartoon.

Note to right-wingers: It's "ad-hominem" if ALL YOU'VE GOT are personal attacks. And that's what we've got here.

As for Richard Evans' getting hacked, ... He hacked himself. In a twisted attempt to create a case against you. You didn't do it, and nobody else gives a shit about him, ergo: He hacked his own site.

Grog said...

Considering the nature of the hack dropped on Evans' site, I doubt it has anything at all to do with the current round of sniping. (If it were, I'd expect something more akin to "graffiti" than a bunch of bot-generated linkage.

Ti-Guy said...

Maybe Richard did it himself? That's a favourite wingnut dodge.

CC said...

While I'm not going to accuse Dick of vandalizing his own web site for the whiny, sympathy factor, I'm definitely puzzled as to why that spam has been left up there for hours.

If it were my blog, I'd just fix it -- I wouldn't leave it defaced with a promise that I'll try to fix it later, along with speculating who might be responsible.

I mean, Jesus, what kind of doofus do you have to be to do that?

Sparky said...

I was going to post on his blog something about 'innocent until proven guilty' wrt 'cc and his ilk', but a) i'm not a registered member over there (nor do I want to be) and b) it'd be a complete waste of my time.
That hack looks like some generic 'script kiddie' one. I peruse my log files on my little website and I get about 10-20 hack/spam attempts per hour.
Once again, the 'party of personal responsibility' blames others for waht befalls them.
Nice on ya, Dick.

the rev. said...

Can't wait to see the election returns come in for the Calgary election. I betting he doesn't get out of the double digits.

Mike said...

Andrew over at BBG got hit by nearly the same kind of thing about a year ago. Looks to be hole in Richard's blogging software that someone took advantage of - perhaps his comments section is not filtering out Javascript or something similar. Could be his backend DB could have been exposed and vulnerable.

Could be he did it to himself in order to cover his previous, potentially libelous entries and then blame THAT on CC as well.

Could be related to his run for Alderman in Calgary.

Or it could just be random.

dragon said...

Y'know, if Richard were in your place he'd be crying "Lawsuit!" over the false accusation.

As for "Moral High Ground" (TM) - given his childish actions and freqeunt tantrums... well, I don't think he's been anywhere near that summit for many years.

Red Tory said...

Goes to show what a paranoid nut he is to automatically assume that it's you or your "ilk" (do you get cards for that?) who's responsible for the spam.

CC said...

I don't know about cards, but I sense another t-shirt idea in the making:

"Got ilk?"

Red Tory said...

Ha. I love it.

I can't even bring myself to visit his site, to be honest. I've commented there a few times in the past, but I found it offensive having to answer that stupid "Is George Bush a Terrorist" question "correctly" before being able to post. That kind of speaks volumes about the mindset of Richard right there.

Crabgräss said...

I'm not the bragging kind, but it appears that I'm actually banned from visiting Richard's site.

Next thing you know my wife will tell me she wants me to stop eating from the kitty litter.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, but did you ever have the experience of Richard Evans registering a domain with your pseudonym and pointing to a vulgar site?

*preen preen*...

Come back and brag when you've joined the big leagues, kiddo.

Meaghan Champion said...

The Meritorious Honours are awarded in the following order...

1. If Richard Evans has ever called you a moonbat or left-tard or teh stupid.
--Smiley Face Sticker

2. If Richard Evans has ever edited a comment you have made on his blog while he was losing an argument to bolster his own argument by spoofing your comment
--A Rainbow Sticker

3. If Richard Evans has banned you from commenting on his blog
--A Shiny Unicorn Sticker

4.If Richard Evans has made a nasty and libelous post about you on his blog
--A bronze star sticker

5. If Richard Evans has made multiple nasty and libelous posts about you on his blog, or even named a blog-catagory after you
-- A silver star sticker

6. If Richard Evans has blocked your ISP from letting you view his website
---A 4 leaf clover sticker

7. If Richard Evans has banned people from visiting his site, if the link comes from your blog
--- A Hello Kitty Sticker

8. If Richard has registered a look-alike domain to yours, and then re-directed it to an offensive website -- A Gold Freakin`Medal

9. If Richard has threatened to sue you in some capacity
--- The Crazy pola dotted Gavels of Justice Stickers

10. If Richard has mocked you for discussing being sexually assaulted -- A gold `take back the night` commerative pin

11. If Richard has ever offered a bounty to discover your idenity, all the better to harrass you with
--An Inspector Gadget Go-Go Gadget Crazy-Mobile

Do I really need to keep adding to this

Crabgräss said...

Ti-Guy: "*preen preen*..."

Yes, I know when my ass has been kicked. Still, for a simple man like me, it's pretty lofty.

This will be my first 4-leaf clover sticker (#6).

Meaghan Champion said...

ya know.... if we expanded it to beyond Richard Evans....and actually had little sticker thingys people could put on their blog as meritorious medals of the blog wars....with a pape explaining what each was for....

Somebody pick this up... It would be like Usenet`s Kook Of the Month awards -- only this time the targets of the Kooks would be branded with honour. :)

Nominations for Kooks for the Kook gallery are hearby open --

Analogue should get his own special place... in memorium.

Chimera said...

"ya know.... if we expanded it to beyond Richard Evans....and actually had little sticker thingys people could put on their blog as meritorious medals of the blog wars....with a pape explaining what each was for...."

Calling all squirrels! Hey, Zorph! You're needed!