Monday, October 15, 2007

They're so adorable when they're that optimistic.

Reacting to the aforementioned Stephen Harper Press Centre and Institute of Conservative Stenography and Dancing Bears, Macleans blogger Kady O'Malley seems to be giving her colleagues in journamalism more credit than they appear to deserve:

No more. This - - this monstrous plan, this must serve as our wakeup call. We are journalists. We are not typists. We work on behalf of the people, not government - not this government, nor the next one, or any government in waiting that might, on reading this article, be hoping, in its heart of hearts, that this is one thing that the Prime Minister will be able to do, in order to spare them from doing the same in the future.

We are the fourth estate. We do not have to justify our existence, or our need for independence, to anyone. We are not a tame lion. If this goes ahead, it's time to roar.

Yeah, that'll happen; right after my hot tub date with Cameron Diaz, that'll happen. Is anyone feeling any more optimistic than that?

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mikmik said...

Sorry, but had katie couric in my hot tub, and Steven Harper never even read my email about it!
If a world renowned philospher such as myself can't get the inside track with important porno repoerts about our plaything that is also some tawdry personality of report down in the Banana rebublic, then I doubt Kady O'Malley will bend his ear.
Kady, he wants inside stuff and gossip, he already knows everything else, okay honey?
I can hook you up with BBC if you want, but I still doubt anyone will pay attention to you.dotlqrx