Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nice family you got there ...

... be a shame if anything happened to it.


Chet Scoville said...


thwap said...

Who pretends they're holier than thou? That would be you Rush.

And as for "playing for keeps" and all that shit about how tough your opposition is, ... t'would appear to be you again.

The hell of it is that Rush is a pathetic coward, sending his maid out to buy his illegal drugs, pumping his stupid dick with the viagara so that he can abuse the poor hookers of third-world countries, ... defaming and lying about anyone who stands up to the criminality of the powerful.

But the braindead chumps who worship him let it all go by as they let him con them out of their dignity, justice, and in too many cases, their lives.

Something tells me that when this fat no-talent finally dies, his corpse is going to stink more than yer average corpse.

Dr. Stimplove said...

I'm sure Limbaugh thought this story would make him sound like a real manly man. What a dildo.

Ti-Guy said...

This is unbelievable. Limbaugh needs to be removed from the public airwaves. I can't believe the FCC makes a stink out of a nipple flash, and yet this pig, who's admitting to threats against children to intimidate the media, is allowed on the air?

Thank God I live in Canada.

The Seer said...

I hear Dick Evans is avilable. He's got experience.

E in MD said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful idea.

Except instead of doing it in a partisan hack sort of way we form an open source information clearing house.

If the citizens of the US and Canada aren't allowed to have privacy then why the hell should these right wing political hacks enjoy it either?

Find out everything they do and say and all their naughty little secrets and then post it to the web so the world knows about it.

That way when people vote, they know who they are voting for. Not the false front that smiles for the cameras and then goes trolling for gay sex in bathrooms.

Phyl said...

I'm with you, E. I've always advocated digging up the dirt on these wingnuts who preach to everyone else about being pure as the driven snow, while not expecting to have to live up to the same standards themselves.

You'll notice that Limbaugh, while lambasting the "socialists" who like Latin (!!!!), must have forgotten to mention how he welcomed the help of these very same socialists who defended him when he was facing the drug charges (i.e. the ACLU).

By GOD yes, dig up the dirt on 'em all. Leave their children out of it, but dig up mountains of dirt.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't support an exact tit-for-tat. What I support is the threat of it. Dig up the dirt, give clues that you really have the dirt, and warn (preferably in private) that it'll be made public, unless corrections/retractions/apologies are issued.

Otherwise, it's just an endless spiral. The ethical issues around private information revolve around how you obtain it and what you do with it.

I'm speaking about Canada here. The US is too far gone.

mikmik said...

yeah I am starting to treat any americans with open disdain, esp. on huffpo when they titter about H.Clinton and other campaigners.
Even the 'progressives' that know better tend to get drawn into obviously irrelevant crap, and shite like Limbaugh get glossed over with feigned indignity, but ultimately nothing changes.
I am so happy to not be an American although our society are mostly stunned fucks as well, but at least we have CBC etc, and don't tolerate blatant fuckheads on our airwaves. I mentioned this earlier, but even Murdoch owned medias critcize Harper and here in AB, the NEB and santimoniousn shite and bullshite threats from Exxon whiners.

But, I do now make it a habit to chastise those stupid idiots down south, and mock the Dems and mock the farcicle commitments of Reid and Pelosil etc-fucking-cetera. I am so sick and tired with the like of CNN and their blanket news coverage of whatever tradegy some poor fucker has had to endure by falling in a well, or Beckham shaet, or even the relentless Virinia Tech debacle that got to be so overwhelmingly and ubiquitously analyzed and reported on from the most insipid and pointless directions, that after two weeks I almost wished the fucker had gone postal at CNN headquarters, or katie Couric and her purile interviews in Iraq and with Edwards, and these tawdry soap operas masquerading as investivegative reporting also get flogged to death on huffpo and such.

STFU is what I now say to Americans, you guys are so right wing and so full of shit with your rampant fascination with Hillary vs. Obama polls or who has prostitued for the most campaign funding.

If Rush is braodcast anywhere up here, I would like know about this. I am committed now to being an aggressive and self righteous prick towards any more BS, and i would like to fuck with any radio stations etc that push such crap.
The Edmonton Journal recently had, as a front page story, the inane 'UFO' conference that was reported on as if it was a credible and scientific conference, and this insulting tripe led to my vehement criticism of their supposedly 'scientific repoter'. It is not much that can be done on most cases, but half an hour each day spent letting the wags know how fucking trite their focusses are is time well spent. I also like the links here, CC, to SDA and other bogging idiots and I try to get comments in on their dipstick idiocies that you point out.
Surprisingly, a few sites let my comments stand, and even less surprisingly, I have had stunned bitches threatening to 'tune me up' asnd expose my identity and location. The usual banalities and text book responses of morons well practiced in avoiding relevance and threatening violence, the 'diplomacy of the dull' quote I can't remember who said, for I am pretty dull at times also!

The thing about these idle pish-posh implicated threats is that I don't give a fuck, and I am a fucking insane maniac with also my knowledges of computers and serotonin overloading and MPTP on the substantia nigra area, blah blah blah.
Now I have gone to far, and I guess i need to learn to shut-up sometimes, but you get my basic attitude. I won't put up with stupid fucks any more, the US is to far gone, and Canadian society isn't far behind. There is no point being polite whatsoever, and i wish there to be doubt that i can't stand fucking imbeciles and won't tolerate BS any more. They need to get this attitude now, because it is far past the point of trying to reason with r-wing fruitcakes, and even getting the attention of newspapers and other medias is not much more than futile efforts that get, perhaps, an inch or two in the comments section, and then forgotten and on to Paris or OJ, which is another mind-bogglingly psychotic episode of unrepetant and glaring and unabashed insult to common sensibilities that gets the 'oh my, the curiosity of the week' coverage in US media.
I mean, WTF? Maybe i should write "If I had used The Reform Party Bitches as my Harem, This what I would Have Done To Preston Baby". 'Course, I might not get serious attention at the nomination meeting for the Calder riding this wednesday.

E in MD said...

STFU is what I now say to Americans, you guys are so right wing and so full of shit with your rampant fascination with Hillary vs. Obama polls or who has prostitued for the most campaign funding.

Not all of us are right wing, pal. Some of us are very pissed off Centrists who look at the right wing with revulsion.

For the most part you're right, Americans by and large are ignorant, over privileged idiots. Even the poor ones in this country generally do better than the poor elsewhere.

- Keep in mind this is coming from an American -

But I think the same can be said for every country. The people with any actual brains refuse the breed and don't get involved in the political process so the inbred idiots with an agenda are the ones that take over.

Don't know that I would say that we're too far gone though. The pendulum swings both ways and just now it's swinging back. Assuming the right wing assholes don't just start killing everybody else for fun. Something i'm sure Malkin and Coulter would get into cheerleader outfits for.

Phyl said...

As to digging up dirt, I only want to dig up dirt that's closely related to the public pronouncements and political stances of these people. Some guy viciously pushes anti-gay legislation, but gets caught cruising for man-on-man sex in a park? Scream it from the rooftops. (Whereas I would never consider outing a person who is anti-gay but doing no active harm to gay people anywhere.)

Rush Limbaugh scoffing at drug-users or the ACLU, then getting caught using illicit drugs and accepting help from the ACLU? Scream it from the rooftops.

This isn't tit-for-tat, in my opinion. I'd like to see left-wingers who do stuff like that outed just as much, for their hypocrisy. Anyone who wants to have any political or military influence over MY life had better do it right and have good intentions and do it within legal and democratic limits. They don't do that -- the gloves are off. Period.

Ti-Guy said...

But I think the same can be said for every country.

Not for Canada. Canadians take self-deprecation and in-fighting to fetishistic levels. In the end, what we resolve often tends to look "smug" and "holier-than-thou" to foreigners, especially Americans, but the process leading up to that is usually very vulgar (we all remember MP's calling each other 'sluts' in Parliament) and fraught with internecine conflicts.

That's why we're perfect! ;)

The Seer said...

Me, though I'm not exactly Jewish, I'm imperfect.

Ti-Guy said...

No, no...you're imperfect if you are Jewish. Or, if not imperfect, decidedly unperfected.

So saith Coulter.

mikmik said...

Hear you g in md. even many libertarians have my respect, and most of themhave contempt for matters Ultra r-wing.

Damn fucking right, I am proud and arrogany to be Canadian. Proudest day of my life was Chretien - you know- we are not criminal cunts into invasions.
that sort of credibility. Funny, the US being so Contemptuous towards france, some implicit threats to Cnandian trade, BUT WE GOT LEFT ALONE, AND WE STAND TALL IN THE MOST EGGREGIOUSD OUTRAGE IN 50 YEARS.

That is my country. i fucking love it.

The Seer said...

mikmik sez: the US is to far gone!

But you haven't been following current events in the US.

While it's true the American media didn't say much about the downside of invading that third world dictatorship halfway round the world before Bush indaved, the media have learned their lesson. You can't turn on a TV set in America these days without hearing about the disaster that is sure to follow if the Turks start a war with Iraq.

The American people have learned their lesson too. They're all against Turkey invading Iraq.

Take that, mikmik?

mikmik said...

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mikmik said...

Take that mikmik?

The turkey people., thery are already condemmed here, you know they have killed many in 1915.

But this old to be in the news. The CNN is fuck againn this. You in Americas, you watch the fake TVss?

Tell me what you see. i will laugh my fucking at it. The others, we have other insights.

YOU HAVE TO BETTER GET THIS. We all look at events, always they happenof course. We are not (evented?) pushed American media, we have some choicse around the world.

We also can have Chinese, Iraqi, and North African inputs here.

You are a very stupid lot down south, we laugh at your simplicity and inadequate knowlwdge.
Right above you, our TV is filled from your ugly channels, and my ugly people wish to watch!!!?!

We see the words from other countries, if we know where to look, and we, as Canadians, can do it always.

We can do this always, we are the free ones. Understand, seer?