Sunday, September 30, 2007

Right-wing logic, as it were.

It is, as we all know, absolutely outrageous that "Taliban Jack" Layton would suggest that we negotiate with the murderous Taliban, when we should instead be sacrificing the lives of Canadian soldiers by nobly and courageously defending the freedom-loving Afghani government of Hamid Karzai, who recently announced that he would like to negotiate with the murderous Taliban.

Feel free to draw whatever meaningless, illogical and semantically-tortured conclusion that you consider to be ideologically convenient.

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thwap said...

Karzai has been calling for negotiations for longer than Layton has.

He wants NATO to take more chances with their troops instead of using airstrikes that kill numerous civilians.

He wants NATO to protect him, and to stop killing Afghans.

I don't know what he would negotiate on with the Taliban, but it's interesting that the sovereign leader of an independent nation can't get his invited allies to listen to him.