Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mainstream media: The "duh" factor.

Via Atrios:

What I just learned from CNN:

6 years after 9/11 there have been no terror attacks here in the United States.

Yeah. And I'm guessing that's because the bad people clued in early on that, if they wanted to kill Americans, they didn't have to procure fake visas, sneak into the U.S., take pilot lessons and then plow large flying objects into tall buildings.

Instead, nowadays (and with much less fuss and bother), they can simply wander down the road outside of Baghdad, plant a few roadside IEDs and watch the subsequent mayhem and airborne body parts.

I believe that's what you call "effective resource management."


Mes Amis said...

And all the transportation impaired extremists have thanked Bush ever since.

As the old saying goes:
If you can't bring Mohamed to the mountain...

Scotian said...

So I guess the Anthrax letters don't count as a terrorist attack despite it being military grade weaponized Anthrax that was used. What an interesting notion...and revisionist history in action, especially since that was AFTER 9/11/01.

Ti-Guy said...

Right...and an armed psycho mows down over 30 people in Blacksburg Virginia.

...but hey...no terrorism! Hurrah!

pretty shaved ape said...

and the crazy assed xtians that planted a bomb at the women's health centre in texas, just acting out, they were. let us remember kids, terror = brown folks. if you mureder for jesus, you're just enthusiastic.

Crabgräss said...

PSA: "if you mureder for jesus, you're just enthusiastic"

Just an excitable boy.

Mes Amis said...

It must just be us crazy Canuks.

We can't tell the difference between Patriots exercising their traditional amendment rights and suspicious looking, funny sounding, don't act or dress like us, terrorists in our midsts.

Just use a sentence with "time fer some freedom killin" or "100 megatons o' liberty up their butts" in it.
If they don't smile or get misty eyed, report them immediately to the authorities.

Come on nation, being the saferest we can be starts with you.

Adam C said...

Well, it works like this: 'Terrorism' consists of acts of violence committed by Islamists, Iraqis, Quakers, or Greenpeace. Any other acts of violence are just regular crimes.

E in MD said...

f you mureder for jesus, you're just enthusiastic.

By pretty shaved ape, at 4:05 PM

Right wing nutter Christianist got due process rights, a lawyer, the whole nine yards of American civil liberties. No Gitmo or salt mine for him. After all he's to a Muslim and he's not killing babies he's just killing those horrible immoral women who kill babe... Err... well, were going to a woman's health clinic for medical care.

However the Truth Project run by a bunch of quakers, retirees and college students in Florida got wiretapped, emails intercepted, phone calls intercepted, had meetings infiltrated among other things and their leader testified before Congress about it.

Why? Because they were a clear and present danger to the military. They distribute literature to local high school and college campuses to let students know what the military really expects of you when you enlist - so that they don't think joining the Army is like playing Halo.

See? It's fun to be a conservative. The law, morality, human decency, common sense... none of that applies to you.