Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kathy Griffin: "Suck it, Jesus."

Apparently, Kathy Griffin doesn't really give a shit what you think. And since there's no obvious video of that hysteria, you'll have to make do with this. Try to handle the disappointment.


Mike said...

Should have known Bill Donahoe was going to be in there like a dirty shirt. What a freakin prig.

And Griffin is right and honest. All those other pandering fools trying to thank Jesus for something they did.

Funny part is if she had said "Suck it Mohammad", Donahoe would have been the first person to defend her, claiming everyone was attacking a good Catholic girl.

Go Kathy! Suck it Jesus!

Kai_Wolf said...

Suck it -

Shabbetai Tzevi

The list could go on.

Ti-Guy said...

It's that nutcase decked out in nun drag, Bill "Jews control Hollywood" Donohue, who needs to suck it.

jj said...

Kathy Griffin: "I hope I offended some people. I didn't want to win the Emmy for nothing."


Niles said...

I'm glad she brought that "thank jesus" habit out for appraisal.

This year, a Calgary Stampede event winner's wife was clinging to the big cheque that meant they could now build a new house, and she popped out with praise for Jesus when asked what contributed to the win. All I could think was, 'you know, the bruised up spouse beside you, who's been rattling his brain and spraining his body all year might have a bit more to do with it. Not to mention all the hard work I'm sure you've done behind the scenes.'

Kathy will of course be accused of having immense ego now, as well as some variation of being a feminazi destroying righteous civilization.

Jason said...
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CC said...

Go away, Jinx. You lost any entertainment value you had years ago. Now you're just pathetic.