Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am Voldemort -- fear me.

Apparently, I am become evil incarnate, the one who shall not be named:

maryT said...

It has taken a few days and a lot of foul language and jumping to conclusions, but, a certain blogger has finally sort of admitted that fake stories do get printed.

Yes, Mary ... apparently, fake stories actually get printed, and that revelation occurred to me only in the last few days. And all those posts I wrote back in 2006 on the embarrassing Iran/Jews/badges fiasco in the National Post? Strictly my imagination. Never happened.

Honestly, I can almost feel the stupid burning me from all the way over there.


Ti-Guy said...

Jesus is she ever moronic.

KEvron said...

bemusing that, when an obstensibly liberal outfit gets caught with their pants down, it's another example of "liberal media bias", but when it's a consrvative outfit, it's further proof of the failings of the msm in general.

the whole point of this strategy is to validate their penchant for a conservative bias while never admitting to as much.


Red Tory said...

The obdurate stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. I don't know why — I see enough of it every day — but it does. "Mary T" is absolutely thick as a fucking brick. There's just no nice way to put that.

Ti-Guy said...

You detect a maliciousness in her stupidity; not only is she incredibly dumb, but she goes out her way to debase anything that challenges her.

A completely failed human being.

CC said...


If that comment was directed at me, I actually don't attribute any dishonest maliciousness to MaryT at all. I totally agree with RT -- she really is that dense.

Like the saying goes, never attribute to malice what can be explained by being stupid as hell.

Ti-Guy said...

Being dumb isn't a sin. I attribute malice when I see anger and or misery...because those are motivators for dishonest or unethical behaviour; I regognise those tendencies in myself, even though I never act on them. Her history of hate-spewing leads me to think that.

...There are people like that in the world, sadly.

Now, if she is in fact mentally ill, or in full dotage, I'd have some sympathy, but I really don't know.

There's another saying..."The unwillingness of acknowledging the dark side of people often leads to being prey to that dark side." I can't remember where I read that.