Friday, September 14, 2007

The douchebaggery of Brian Lemon.

It's hard to believe, but the sleazy hacktacularity of Steve Janke has just been outdone by the dumbass duo of Blogging Tory Brian Lemon and his co-dingbat Mary T. Read it and weep:

Lemon: ABC Reporter Admits Lying on Series of Stories

Hat tip to our own Mary T:
A former ABC News consultant fired last year because he couldn't authenticate academic credentials is at the center of a new dispute over apparently faked interviews with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates and others.

Where, oh Lord, where to even begin? How about where Brian actually gives a "hat tip" to that deranged nutcase Mary T for ... what? Pointing him at a story that's already all over the news? That's what gets you a hat tip in Brian's world? Hey, Brian ... it turns out that Steve Janke is a jackass. And I want my hat tip. Jesus, what a cretin. But we're only warming up, kids. Buckle up.

In the first place, it's not clear why Lemon and mini-Lemon are so stoked over this since, by all accounts, what the ABC "reporter" did was write hit pieces on well-known liberals, so what's all the outrage for? One would think Brian would find that simply hilarious. So one is purely baffled as to what Brian's overwhelming interest is in this piece; all it shows is that some people who don't like liberals are sleazy liars. Like we didn't know that already? But (you guessed) it gets better.

The "reporter", one Alexis Debat, isn't really a "reporter" at all. Instead, as you can see in the very piece that Brian links to, he's a "former ABC News consultant." That's right -- consultant. As in, not a reporter but someone that a reporter would "consult" when writing a story. See, Brian, that's where the word "consultant" comes from. I'm sorry to have to be the one to break that to you.

And if you read further, you learn that ABC was not the culprit here but the victim, having been hoodwinked by Debat's bogus claims of expertise and a Ph.D. and so on. In short, ABC's crime was to be taken in by a con artist working out of, of all places, the Nixon Center. Oh, the glorious irony. And, not surprisingly, when ABC found out they'd been suckered, they canned him. Which inspires the obvious question -- what exactly are Brian and Mary T gloating over? Well, that's easy -- just read the first comment from dingbat Mary:

What can we believe. Remember the phony story on NBC about some car gas tank, then CBS and Rathergate, the Jason [sic] Blair, and other phony stories by reporters. Now, ABC. Will CNN be far behind. CBC had the Lewand twist.

Ah, there we go -- the irresistible opportunity to smear the mainstream media. Why, yes, Mary (pant, pant), who can we (pant, pant) believe, when there's all this (pant, pant) dishonesty surrounding us? I mean, good Lord, newspapers yammering on about Iran and Jews and badges. And, holy crap, what about the irresponsible hacks who accuse reporters of things they never did? Good God, Mary, will it never end!?

Canadian Blue Airheads -- when your dumbass-meter only goes to 10, but you really need it to go to 11.

Dear Mary: If that noxious little turd MaryT wants something to whine about, I'll give her something to whine about. She dislikes CNN? So do I, and here's one reason:

All networks shared the same pool video of Bush from the Oval Office. Perhaps in an effort to make its coverage look distinctive, CNN pulled a very questionable stunt during the speech. Bush made reference to a brave soldier, Brandon Stout, who died while serving in Iraq, and CNN, having received a copy of the text in advance, obligingly inserted a photo of Stout into the picture, moving Bush slightly to the left, as it were.

But it's not the job of news organizations to help politicians, even presidents, embellish their speeches or assist them in making a point. If any other network did the same thing, it was a mistake. The president gets to command television time pretty much at his discretion; the networks don't have to give him anything but the space.

There you go, Mary -- there's your "liberal media." Whine about that for us.

UH OH ... BRIAN'S LITTLE FEELINGS ARE HURT. Brian's double standards are on full display after Red Tory leaves the following perfectly appropriate comment, politely chiding Brian for his misrepresentation:

Did you notice the difference between "consultant" and "reporter" there? Sort of affects your little story a bit. You might want to check into that. Seeing as your sooooooo interested in accuracy and what not. LOL. You guys are too funny.

Amazingly, Brian's delicate sensibilities are offended:

Reddie - you're getting into the Jeff Davidson / and he who shall not be named class.
You're rude here, you're rude about us on your site.
I've been nothing but respectful to you and all you do is troll.

Yes, Brian -- you are the very model of decorum. And hypocrisy. That, too.



Ti-Guy said...

"The Lewand twist?"...LOL. These people should stop following all news and only read CPC press releases and church newsletters.

rabbit said...

The question here is: Why is CC making a big thing of this?

Lemon posted a news item pulled from the MSM that presumably he found interesting. That's it. No opinion, no analysis, no further information, nothing.

Why that gets CC's fur in a knot is beyond me. Seems like a massive overreaction.

Ti-Guy said...

Shorter rabbit: "I feign critical thinking by minimising everything."

Red Tory said...

Even Shorter Rabbit: "CBL's not worth paying attention to."

kootcoot said...

"Canadian Blue Airheads -- when your dumbass-meter only goes to 10, but you really need it to go to 11."

That wouldn't really help CC, I think you should think about adding a third digit, you know, a hundreds column. That should suffice for a couple months or so!

I sure grateful to you for reading all these whack jobs so that I don't have to. You must have to remove your eyes and brain periodically to rinse them.

Ti-Guy said...

There aren't nearly enough bloggers taking these Bloggin' Torees! to task. I understand it's depressing and irritating, but really, the volume on their stupidity is just too loud and the noise is seeping into regular Canadian media.

Crabgräss said...

Super-Short Rabbit: " ."