Saturday, September 01, 2007

And speaking on behalf of the Loony Party ...

Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Even the crazy people.

AFTERSNARK #1: I'll be adding occasional thoughts to this post as I come up with them, but let's dissect Mr. Snauwaert's illogical ramblings slowly and meticulously, shall we?

Reality check here Cc. In your own quiet way......Wha?????

Apparently, no matter how obvious you make it, there's always someone who doesn't get the sarcasm. Sheesh.

(By the way, Lloyd, would it be too much to ask that you refer to me as "CC" rather than "Cc"? I mean, you did learn about acronyms and abbreviations in school, right?)

The Canadian Cynic, who's [sic] chief claim to faim [sic] on the blogosphere is consistent and vitriolic attacks on Blogging Tories is now seeking an alliance with the same to protect his anonimity [sic] from a personal attack from other bloggers?

I'm not sure it's possible to be any wronger but, as I pointed out clearly, forcefully and unmistakably in my original post, neither Patrick Ross nor Weiner Patels is a member of the Blogging Tories, so any policy that the BTs adopted with respect to dealing with members who out anonymous bloggers would not affect my situation in the slightest.

It might protect other anonymous bloggers in the future but, as I'm sure the not clinically insane can appreciate, anything Stephen Taylor chose to do about this would make no difference to me whatsoever. The fact that I even had to explain that depresses me immensely.

Although he does refer to any and all Bt'ers as the Wankosphere and more personally has called Kate at SDA any number of filthy names.

Coming from someone who lists me on his blog as a member of "Lefttardopia," that's a bit rich, wouldn't you say, Lloyd? And, finally:

Incidently [sic] on the very thread that he pleas [sic] for respect for his anonymity he allows this comment from noted intellectual and Cc fan Ti-Guy regarding another of his enemies Richard Evans.

I've never been interested in the personal lives of bloggers or commenters. Even Richard Evans of Beddington Crescent, Calgary...

Sweet freakin' Jeebus, how retarded can one person possibly be?

$ whois


Administrative Contact:
Evans, Richard
107 Beddington Cres. NE
Calgary, AB T3K 1N4
Technical Contact:
Evans, Richard
107 Beddington Cres. NE
Calgary, AB T3K 1N4

I have to stop now -- the stupid is making me sleepy.

AFTERSNARK #2: There's also some amusement value in Lloyd's spittle-flecked summation:

I've seen a lot of crappy things in my life, violent, heartbreaking, confusing, frustrating, infuriating but this is without a doubt the most PATHETIC.

I say it's amusing since, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I did in fact get a private e-mail reply from Blogging Tories co-founder Stephen Taylor and, while he asked me to keep the details of that e-mail private, I don't think I'm breaking any confidences by mentioning that he appreciated my concerns and, admirably, he's willing to discuss them further.

I guess poor Lloyd didn't get the memo.

AFTERSNARK #3: Lloyd leaves yet another small puddle of urine on the good carpeting:

I assume you did some kind of search to come up with and publish Richard's address. How hard this was to do...well frankly I have no idea.

Dear Lloyd: What part of "whois" above confuses you?


Anonymous said...

So you got a private e-mail from Mr. Taylor! Good for you!!!
p.s. Your still PATHETIC

syncrodox said...


Wow! Thanks for the link, I fully expect a site meter meltdown in much the same way you had one after being mentioned at the Kos.

BTW, I am typing this slowly in hopes some of this might sink into the dense mass between your ears.

I also note that you prefaced this brilliant piece of writing by noting you will share more thoughts as they occur to you. Good luck with that.

I guess I'm not very good at the sarcasm thing, I totally didn't get the "own quiet way" reference as sarcastic.

My bad.

Regarding my refering to you as Cc, well that was my sad little attempt at sarcasm....Hey!!!! Wait a sec....maybe you and I are both hard of understanding!!!

Oh.. Cc I feel a begrudging sense of kinship growing in that black little spot in my chest.

I'm sorry to hear about your depression, have you been taking all your meds?

I do apologize for being so wronger. You see when you wrote an open letter to Stephen Taylor challenging all aggregators to protect the principle of blogger anonimity and as it turns out one of your enemies belongs to Liberty Blogs.....well I mistook this to mean that a blanket statement by Stephen Taylor might in fact affect your personal situation.

Now that I realize you are only making this plea to protect other anonymous bloggers....well I stand corrected.

Sarcasm, logic and you have talent.

As far as my term Leftardopia...well consider it a term of endearment......think of it as the fliside of Wankersphere but one which I save for the most precious.

Ohhh Cc...there's something happening in that little black spot again!

Now regarding printing Richard Evans address. I admit I am technically retarded regarding source code and domain searches and the like. I have only the most rudimentary skills vis a vis the blogosphere.

I assume you did some kind of search to come up with and publish Richard's address. How hard this was to do...well frankly I have no idea.

Although it does seem to run counter to this statement you made:

Consider your own BT blogroll -- it clearly has a number of anonymous bloggers and, while I've taken exception with a number of them over the lifetime of my blog, it's never occurred to me -- not for a second -- to spend any time tracking them down so I can expose their real identities.

I suppose you do have a technical out here. The fact that Richard Evans makes no bones about his identity precludes you outing him.

I can only assume that it took you somewheres south of a second to find his address.

Once again I stand corrected and apologize for my wrongerness.

And finally, I did not get the memo. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure Stephen Taylor is barely if at all aware of my existance. You see as I blog sporadically I have not earned the chops to be a full fledged member of the vast right wing conspiracy.


BTW, I don't purport to speak for Mr. Taylor but I do look forward to his views. I hope you have a nice discussion.

I suppose there can be a case made for protecting blogger anonymity and as you called for a "minimal level of civility". I'm just not sure you're the poster child for the cause.

Anyways, the rain has stopped here and I must go to work. Making hay and all that.


Lloyd Snauwaert

p.s. If you feel a need to publish my address please just ask me. You see it is rather long and were you to find it yourself it may take slightly longer than a second. I would hate to see you lose the high moral ground over a few milliseconds.

p.s.s. If you have some spare time could you help me with this sarcasm thingy.

Phyl said...

Quoting Mister (it's usually a Mister) Anonymous:

> So you got a private e-mail from Mr. Taylor! Good for you!!!
p.s. Your still PATHETIC

It's "you're," hon. Man, you guys would be much less painful to read if you could, know know, SPEAK ENGLISH and stuff.

Oh, lLoyd, sweetie -- that was sarcasm too.

Ti-Guy said...

Blah, blah, blah...You can just imagine who exactly Lloyd of those boorish and hyperactive loud-mouths who make life considerably less peaceful for the rest of us.

I assume you did some kind of search to come up with and publish Richard's address. How hard this was to do...well frankly I have no idea.

It's not hard (check out whois) and it's information everyone has a legal right to know. Richard Evans went on an outing kick a while back and dozens of people were posting his domain registration information. Everyone knows where he lives, and I don't think he even cares anymore (although he really should). There are a lot of loonies out there.

...and I'm starting to think they're all in Alberta.

syncrodox said...


Sorry about pissing on your carpet.

Now I understand that whois is a search engine. Thanxs for the education and you may have noticed I did state that my technical ability vis a vis blogging is rudimentary at best.

Anyways, thanxs again, although it does create more confusion for me.

Ummmm...did you not state in your original post:

...while I've taken exception with a number of them over the lifetime of my blog, it's never occurred to me -- not for a second -- to spend any time tracking them down so I can expose their real identities...

It would seem to me that in order to print Evan's address you must have spent some time tracking it down through

But then there is the identity/address defense available.

Anyways, if my self admitted ignorance is akin to pissing on your carpet would it be fair to say that your seemingly self delusional hair splitting is analagous to shitting on the kitchen table?


Anonymous said...

``It would seem to me that in order to print Evan's address you must have spent some time tracking it down through`-

Hey douchebag -- Richard registered for the express purpose of trying to redirect traffic from my site to StormFront.

Im assuming you are familiar with Stormfront, a white supremacist gathering place online.

I`m the owner of

For a few weeks Richard was bragging about the fact that he was doing this, and then when he announced his intention to run for office he stopped the re-direct, but not before threatening to re-direct it to Stormfront when I brought up some of his ugly past behavior....

If he didn`t want people to know this information then he shouldnt have provoked the query into the ownership of as well as other look-alike domains that he redirected.

Of course the owners of these look-alike domains were curious about the guy who was trying to get them tagged as racist extremists or supportive of pedophilia.

In fact it took Richard a lot more effort to register these look-alike-domain than it did to look up who the owner was.

Anybody whose been on the internet more than a couple of months knows about whois and various search engines that track IP addresses.

The fact that you are clueless about these search engines says more about your ineptitude than it does about the owners of these look-alike domains wanting to know who was trying to impersonate their blog domains for nefarious purposes such as promoting white supremacy and pedophila. currently points back to my blog now -- but not before Richard attempted one last threat to redirect the lookalike domain to Stormfront because I was willing to post about the tasteless jokes he made about the rape of a female blogger.

But you know what Lloyd, you are absolutely right... Richard deserves a champion like you defending him and his privacy, because despite redirecting other people`s websites to pedophile and racist domains, and despite running around the net making jokes about a woman who posted about being raped -- he`s really just a swell guy.


syncrodox said...


Thank you for calling me a douchebag. Will that be our own little tearm of endearment or are you a student of the Cc school of sarcasm?

Regardless. I have heard of Stormfront and in no way subscribe to their rhetoric.

If what you say is true regarding Richard Evans, well than you have every right to take the steps you must.

Regarding my internet ineptitude, I have noted that fact out front.

Now to my bone in this dogfight.

I have taken issue with Cc in light of his plea for a "minimal level of civility", when it appears that civility is a concern of his only when his anonymity is threatened.

The vitriole and filth that the Cynic spews daily is something to behold. Now he does attempt to pass this off as sarcasm, but I'm sure you all have access to a online dictionary.

I read this blog as often as I read SDA. Granted my political leanings are so far from you folk that the curvature of the earth comes in to play.

My point. I read often and comment seldom. When I do comment I'm prepared for a fight.

You can check any and all of my comments here and on my "cesspool of a blog" and I'm pretty sure I have never refered to anyone as a douchebag, cocksucker, cunt, fuckwad, fucktard....Well you get it.

I don't know Richard Evans or Werner Pattells and don't care to.

What ranckles my soul is the fact that Cc has attracted the attention of some hard righties and suddenly Cc is screaming for civility and support from the BT's, to protect his anonymity against attackers who he freely admits are not BT's.

IMO...he dug his own fucking hole. Fill it in yer badass self.

I will give him credit inasmuch as it seems he is taking steps to do so.

Once again...just to be clear....I am defending nobody or no actions other than my own.

And a final thought. If you deal in filth expect to get some on ya, ask any 36 sump suckers, they'll all agree.

That's a fact


Lloyd Snauwaert

Can you see