Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's Saturday so we should pick on Mr. Erl.

As with other Blogging Tories, young'un Mr. Erl has his own choice of Republican presidential candidate -- one Rudy Giuliani. Um ... yeah, that would be this Rudy Giuliani.

I'm guessing that none of that will have the slightest effect on Mr. Erl. When it comes down to it, the BTs seem staunchly resistant to anything resembling reality. It's an acquired talent, I suppose.


Red Tory said...

I'm starting to lose track of the number of times I've heard that "THIS, if read, should put an end to Rudy's presidential ambitions" line. The problem is, of course, that nitwits like Mr. Erl, don't read.

Ti-Guy said...

I see SUZANNE is over there, lavishing attention on the young and nubile Mr. Erl.

I think I'll go back to believing she really is a de-frocked priest...

Mes Amis said...

Mr. Erl seemed worried that crazy ass religious fundys will get a toehold in the legislature.
Someone should let him in on the barely hidden bias of a few other folks on a little bigger stage;
Stephen Harper
Maurice Vellacott
Vic Toews
Stockwell Day
Russ Hiebert
Rondo Thomas
Darrel Reid
Rob Anders
David Sweet
David Aglukark

Wait, shouldn't there be someone blogging about them?
How about it Mr. Erl?
They are Tories after all.

One other thing, about that You Tube link in that post.
Check the your settings before linking.
Viewing history should be set to private or after the video the samples presented are related to what you've been watching lately.
It worries me that you may develop asymmetrical arm growth which could cause trouble getting long sleeve shirts to fit later on.

No thanks needed, we like to look out for the little guys here at cc HQ.
Oh, and don't worry, we won't tell Joanie or Suzanne about it, it's a guy thing, eh.

Red Tory said...

Newsflash from the "Just Shoot Me" files: (There's more too! Action footage of Mr. Erl and friends as they explore parliament hill.) Heh. Have a field day.