Friday, July 13, 2007

The hilarity was unintentional, I'm sure.


thwap said...

"We're not warriors in anyone's cause."

I've got some problems with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show, and that's one of them.

Stewart and the gang most certainly do have values and principles. Otherwise the absurdities and stupidities of the bush II regime wouldn't offend them so much.

What hurts them is when they do this bullshit, half-assed skewering of "everybody" in some lame, US liberal attempt to not be "partisan."

You shouldn't mock the peace-movement just because they're "the other side" and you're trying to be "fair" or "objective." You should mock the group that's wrong and which does stupid things.

The thing is, "The Daily Show" very much has "bad guys" who they go after. They ought to investigate why they feel that way and act accordingly.

Zorpheous said...

Remember CC, a failure is just a success that hasn't occurred yet.

CC said...

Yes, Zorph ... and a thoughtful, knowledgeable right-winger is just someone who hasn't posted in my comments section yet.

the rev. said...

CC, I keep hearing about these thoughful, reasonable, knowledgeable right wingers, but I've not only never seen one in the comments here, I've never seen one on the internet, on the cable tv gab fests, in the newspaper, on the campaign trail. Maybe we should offer a bounty for anyone who finds one.