Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The eJankulator strikes again.

Honestly, it's become almost a ritual here at CC HQ to check in on Blogging Tory and Boy Detective Steve Janke to see what he's become obsessed with lately. And within the space of only a few hours, he's managed to publish three posts on the overblown controversy involving the website of one Adriane Carr.

Why Janke is so feverishly obsessed with this issue is a mystery, since it involves provincial politicians in B.C. and, if there really is something devious and underhanded going on, one suspects that the actual people that it affects are going to deal with it in short order without any help from Steve.

And, lo and behold, the URL now automatically redirects here, where you can read:

There has been a stir in some of the media over an aberrant web page ( that endorsed Adriane’s opponent, Liberal MP Hedy Fry, and directed people to her website. Happily, we got to the root of the problem and the page should be take down within the next 24 hours.

And there you go -- case closed, which means that Steve must have one more post in him explaining in breathless detail how it was resolved, carefully leaving out his part in the proceedings, which was, I'm willing to bet, nothing.

Creepy. Just freakin' creepy.


Anonymous said...

Carr is a federal candidate, idiot.

pretty shaved ape said...

candidate? candidate for election? is there an election? and nobody told me, hrumph. anon you snot whistling dimwit, carr has made her political name, such as it is, in provincial politics. she has since stated her intention to run for parliament but until there is an election to run in, she ain't a candidate. idiot.

Anonymous said...

Are you retarded? She's been nominated by the Green Party. She's a candidate for the federal party. If you pathetic little groupies want to defend every single factual screw-up CC posts on this site, you'd better quit your day jobs.

M@ said...

So she's a provincial candidate. CC was wrong. You've got nothing else? No? Well then... door's to your left.